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Marostica, a stop on the Veneto Hill Towns day trip

Mary D, USA, april 2009

This is the square where the "Living Chess Game" is played every other year.

The Bridge in Bassano del Grappo

Mary D, USA, april 2009

Picture taken by our fantastic guide.


Kavi, juli 2016

Wonderful views


barrymahar, oktober 2015

Visiting the market

Fantastic views

Paul S, Australia, juli 2015

After a very short drive you walk the towns at your pace to take in some beautiful scenery.

view from prosecco winery visited on the tour

chrisn, juni 2015

on the background, small Veneto town


Jessica Z, december 2012

My husband and I at this famous square. Our guide on this tour took this photo for us. Such a wonderful place