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Oplev Versailles-slottet (Château de Versailles), hvor de franske konger engang boede - med denne lille gruppetur, der inkluderer en enestående privat rundvisning i slottets kongelige gemakker. Denne eksklusive tur giver dig VIP-indgang til Versailles gennem en eksklusiv dør og hidtil uset adgang til fantastiske private værelser, som f.eks. Louis XVI's bibliotek, der normalt er forbudt for den brede offentlighed. Dermed kan du se en side af UNESCOs verdensarv - Versailles-slottet - som kun er de færreste forundt.

Til denne VIP-oplevelse hører også en tur i to af statslejlighedernes værelser og den berømte Spejlsal, så snart slottet åbner, og før de fleste besøgende ankommer. Med din VIP-adgangsbillet har du mulighed for at gå direkte ind på slottet med din lille gruppe (maks. 16 personer), så du kommer før alle de andre til disse værelser.



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, aug. 2018

The tour was very good. The tour guide is very knowledgeable and you do not have to wait in line. When we were there, the crowds were crazy, so skipping the lines was a big plus. A few tips if you choose to take this tour: 1. Eat before you go - all they serve is a croissant, coffee1 cup and juice. We felt it was a waste of time and was not a positive addition. 2. The fountains were not running when we were there - the fountain show starts at 3:30 but the tour boards the bus at 3pm. That was very upsetting - because part of this package states that the fountain/music tickets are included. Honestly - I would choose a different, less expensive tour - this one was not worth the price for what we were able to see.

, jul. 2018

To start off our morning, due to Bastille Day coming up the road where we were supposed to meet up was closed down by police for preparations. I understand this is out of Viator's control, however, we were only given a phone number to Versailles palace in case of emergency, not a Viator rep. We spent 30 minutes walking up and down streets trying to find the marked van. We eventually found an unmarked van and workers who did not have any badge or anything showing Viator. Our group size was over the 16 people limit stated in the description. We got to the palace at 8:45 a.m. where we were supposed to be able to immediately enter and have breakfast at this renowned restaurant. The door to the restaurant was locked, of course, because they don't actually open until 9 a.m. which is when we were let in. The so called breakfast was a dry croissant and a cup of coffee, from which the people in our group only had time to take a couple of sips and bites before we had to insist on our guide taking us on because the HUGE line out front was already being let in. So much for early access. By the time we actually entered, it was beyond packed with people, 2 people in our group actually got lost in the crowd. We were NOT able to see the chapel, the opera house, or the Musical Gardens show as stated because of Versailles's hosting some event, the description says this is a rare event, but I wouldn't count on being able to view these things. The actual tour guide was pleasant and knowledgable. After the guided tour, we were supposed to have access to the gardens included in our tickets. However, every person in our group was initially denied access. We had to argue and ask to speak with a supervisor. Some in our group weren't granted access at all, so they were left to sit at the front of the palace, with no rep around to provide assistance. Our Viator rep that rode with us/walked us to the gate gave us incorrect information all day and was no where to be found when needed. For instance, she told us the walk from the palace to Petit Trianon was a short 15 minute walk when in actuality it is a mile and a half away. The Orangerie, which was one of the major things we wanted to see, only 2nd to the Hall of Mirrors, was closed off.
Versailles palace itself is beautiful. Do yourself a favor, don't spend so much money on this tour, get there super early by 7:30 or 8 to be at the front of the line and rent the golf cart available in the garden to save the miles of walking.
This tour was supposed to be the highlight of our time in Paris but turned out to be a major let down.

, maj 2018

I would highly suggest this tour especially if you want a very extensive, private tour. Comfortably transferred to Versailles in a van with guide. You are met at Versailles by an museum employee that gives an incredible tour of places not visited by the regular ticket, PLUS you skipped that line which was HUGE advantage. The only thing I would mention was the personal Versailles guide did not wait long enough at some palace places to take was a fast paced but indepth. At least an hour with a personal guide in the private apartments and palace. We then had enough time to rent the electric cars outside the palace and travel the grounds comfortably. It is ACRES and ACRES so if you would like to see the other palace buildings on the other side of the grounds, I would suggest this extra option because walking would take hours to and fro.

, apr. 2018

The tour was excellent - our guide (in period dress no less) was excellent, very informative and entertaining. The tour of the palace itself was great and the palace guide timed it perfectly so that we were often the only group in the area - nice when there's only ten people in the Hall of Mirrors. Definitly good value for money. The instructions for pick up were easy to follow and the booking process was smooth and trouble free. Thanks for a great day.

, feb. 2018

Very custom experience. Knowledgeable guide. Didn't have to wait in the long line. Personalized experience for my son who's a Marie Antoinette fan.

, okt. 2017

our driver seemed very shy and hardly spoke to uswas not fluent in english on the drive to versailles Once we arrived we had a cappuccino and croissant while we waited for the tour guide to meet us. Our tour guide was named Plum she was very pleasant but her english was limited and it was especially apparent when she was trying to answer questions that were not part of her script
the actual private tour was two hours and then we were free to wander the grounds
couple of suggestions that would have been helpful
1. there were two restaurants for lunch that we were directed to and both were full by the time we got there ...would have been helpful if we were told to make a reservations soon as we got there that morning
2. timing became an issue since the grounds were large and it was far to walk we were discouraged from going to see the Petite Trianon because of the distance turns out you can rent a golf cart or a bike which would make visiting them much more doable ...again it would have been a nice tip to have
over all for the price we paid 300 per person i was disappointed and would not recommend

, sep. 2017

perfect tour! Both the van driver and the tour guide at Versailles were wonderful. It was great to go to parts of the palace that no on else was in. It was very educational as well. My only suggestion would be to leave just a few more minutes for the breakfast/coffee. That was just a bit rushed.

, sep. 2017

Enjoyed the travel to and from Paris to Versailles with very informative driver. The private tour was amazing with a great, well informed docent! she shared so many great details to really make the experience come alive while touring the private royal quarters. Spent a lot of time with us. Loved skipping the lines for viewing.
Only thing, we were supposed to have a late tea and snack at the café with a pre - arranged special reservation at the site, however, the restaurant closed early and we never had an opportunity to eat or drink anything all day! This was promised as part of this exclusive tour. I was disappointed, hungry, and very thirsty -there were no water bottles were provided in the vehicle that transported us It was a long day with lots of highs but some unexpected lows.....

, sep. 2017

This tour was incredible! We had a comfortable, spacious coach take us to Versailles and enjoyed a light breakfast when we got there. Our guide on the way was very informative. Once at Versailles we got another guide and he was great. He had so much knowledge and interesting stories. We skipped all of the lines and went to areas the general public isn't allowed into. After the tour we had free time to explore the gardens and other areas. Everything was timed perfectly with just enough free time to explore on our own. This is the only way to see Versailles. Loved it!

, sep. 2017

Our VIP tour was fantastic from beginning to end. Our bus driver Julien gave a highly entertaining and informative commentary on the way to and from Versailles. Upon arrival we enjoyed a delicious light breakfast at Cafe Ore.
We passed through security quickly. The tour was wonderful. We were able to visit many rooms that weren't available to the general public, so in many instances we were the only people in the rooms we were viewing. Our guide was excellent and obviously very knowledgable about Versailles. At the conclusion of the tour we had access to the gardens which were stunningly beautiful. By the time we left Versailles the queue to enter was extremely long.
I highly recommend paying to skip the queues but value even more highly the opportunity to view the private quarters.

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