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Læn dig tilbage, og slap af, mens chaufføren kører dig fra Las Vegas til Grand Canyons South Rim, mens du hører alt om, hvad I ser på vejen. Du kan opgradere turen til at inkludere billetter med rabat til de utrolige IMAX-oplevelser af Grand Canyon på National Geographic Visitor Center på den eneste South Rim-bustur, som stopper ved centret.

109,99 $ USD



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, jun. 2015

hjemmesiden lovede morgenmad men på dagen skulle der betales extra for den. der bliver lovet et stop på highway 66 dette blev ikke til noget. Man skal holde hvad man lover de vil jo gerne tage fuld pris for turen. ting skal passe sammen

, jun. 2018

Amazing tour!

, jun. 2018

Highly recommend adding on the private Jeep tour - worth every penny!!

, maj 2018

It was punctual, great trip except no stop on the bridge to really see The Hoover Dam. It was an other place where we stopped ,can not see anything. On the way back for our complain the bus stopped but is was already to dark and late.

, mar. 2018

The tour with Gray Line was terrible, we left our hotel at 6 where we until 8 we would try to be upsold to more expensive packages. Stopped at the worst stops, toilets were not clean. We stopped at subway for 25 minutes for dinner for 3 buses, clearly not enough time. Never booking gray line again!!

, mar. 2018

Great tour to see a sight you have to see to believe. Long day but relax and let the driver do the work. Plenty of stops to refresh and when you get there fantastic views, you cannot stop taking photo's.

, mar. 2018

Not going to lie, this is a long trip but well worth the trek. The view of this side of the canyon is my favourite by far. As a nature love, I love how the paths have winding trails with trees and rocks and you are closer to the edge of the canyon.

, feb. 2018

Ten out of ten, I want to go back! I loved every bit of it.

, feb. 2018

The best part about this trip was the upgrade to the pink jeep tour, which i do recommend if you go to the South rim. Other than that, I would not recommend this trip.

The long bus ride was miserable. We knew to expect a long ride, but our driver decided to skip the Hoover Dam all together on the way out saying we could take it up with the company if we had a problem and literally did a slow drive by on the way back in the dark. He made time for a 30 minute stop at a gas station for no apparent reason on the way though we weren't stopping for gas and there was a bathroom on the bus. That was time we could have spent at Hoover Dam, as the trip description promised.

He also played very loud HORRIBLE movies crude, vulgar, catering to the lowest common denominator, both on the way there and on the way back. To make matters worse, on the way back, when everyone was very tired and had endured the second tasteless movie of the day, instead of letting people get a little bit of much needed rest, he played very loud country music for the rest of the trip back. He also talked a lot, and spoke with a thick accent so it was hard to understand him. If I had to hear him refer to us as guestez one more time, I may have actually screamed. And to top it off, this company announces on their intercom how much we are supposed to tip the it's mandatory. I ALWAYS tip well for good service, but I could not bring myself to leave a tip for this ride from hell...especially after basically being told I had to.

Find another company to use...and book a small group tour instead.

, jan. 2018

Except for the pink jeep tour we got the upgrade that was done by a very charming and knowledgable local guide William, everything else was MEDIOCRE! The bus driver was extremely rude, which partly could be explained by his poor command of English. He greeted us with the hi, welcome, and let me tell you, NO COMPLAINS! I'm just a driver! If it is too hot or too cold in a bus I can't do anything! Etc... Moreover, he decided to skip the 20 min stop at the Hoover Dam without any explanation. Later, when complaining to the office people they explained that it was to dark when we were coming back and therefore the diver skipped the stop. In a program, though, the HD stop was to be on the way to GC, not on the way back. He also decided to stop where it was convenient for him to get the gas rather than at Mc Donald's as stated. And, lastly the buffet lunch was the worst Chinese food ever!!!! Not edible! Any takeout from your local shopping mall or elsewhere would be considered fine dining. Plus, the manager of this enterprise was extremely rude, grabbing items from people's trays as only he understood what is included in a paid lunch and what's not. My advise to all, choose a different tour ... or, to make the hole trip worth time and money, definitely take a jeep tour of the rim and bring your own food folks!
Disappointed New Orleanian!

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