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Anmeldt af: ALFONSO R. L , juli 2016

Exceptionally stellar tour, and most knowledgeable tour guide. If anyone wants to know the underground yes, literally underground history of Vienna, this tour is a must. They say that the tour's duration is about one and a half hours. However, it is in reality a little more than 90 minutes, and our tour guide acknowledged this from the onset. But that little more time, nonetheless, is truly worth it. We did the tour in the afternoon of Wednesday, 13 July 2016. Our tour guide, Barbara, was simply amazing. Not only did she keep us engaged throughout the archaeological undergrounds of the city, all the way back to the Roman and Medieval periods, but she was also fully attentive to our queries, well-organized, very friendly and, at times, quite humorous. We highly recommend this tour and this tour guide.

Anmeldt af: Dorothee E , august 2015

Hie kommt der etwas morbide wiener Scharm voll zur Geltung. Klasse Stadtführer mit viel Wissen und Unterhaltungswert.

Anmeldt af: Terry , maj 2015

Very informative we had the same guide for the Third Man tour - very enthusiastic, knowledgable and keen. The crypt was interesting as were the cellars.

Anmeldt af: bart g , september 2014


Anmeldt af: Joseph C , september 2014

Great tour, just the right size. Guide was fun and very informative.

Anmeldt af: andrea s , december 2013

This tour was Awesome! !!!!
I am a native Austrian and enjoyed the tour just as much as my American husband.
The tour is creepy and exciting and gets your imagination going of how life has been back in the day.
Our guide was super knowledgeable and was doing great to explain everything in german and english flawlessly.
I highly recommend this tour to everyone who wants to know abit more of history while getting creeped out a bit:)

Anmeldt af: Patrícia , september 2013

Very interesting and exciting. The guide was very good and told us everything we wanted to know about the crypt.