• Adresse: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Varighed: 4 timer (cirka)
Fra USD 51,99

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Anmeldt af: lynda k , november 2015

This was a great tour with a great guide-especially enjoyed a quick dip in the hot springs! Highly recommend this!

Anmeldt af: Kelvin L , oktober 2012

Absolutely fantastic tour! The tour guide was so knowledgeavle and just an all around funny guy!

Anmeldt af: Joslyn Y , april 2012

Great tour! Very helpful and accommodating. Our guide was great, a good mix of information and time to take in the different scenery. The easy pick-up and drop-off at hotels was especially convenient and helpful. One tip: wear clothes that you may not care about because the hot springs smell like sulfur and can make your clothes smell for days on end. Overall, it was a great tour and I would highly recommend it.

Anmeldt af: MICHAEL L , USA, august 2008


Anmeldt af: oluwabunkola o , november 2016

It was very nice and the tour guide and driver were lovely. I do wish though that we explored Yangmingshan National Park more. It was too short I feel.

Anmeldt af: Russell K , januar 2013

The National Park was lovely but as it was winter it would be more picturesque in spring. Particularly enjoyed the hot springs. This was a unique and enjoyable experience. The tour guide was good. The group was small so there was opportunity to ask questions.

Anmeldt af: David H , november 2011

The weather was bad and I was the only one of the tour. The guide (who had not done all that well on a previous tour) was much better this time and gave enough information and answered questions. The hot spring visit was fine.

Anmeldt af: RANY R , februar 2011


Anmeldt af: Erik T , januar 2011

We loved the hot spring and the resort and could easily have stayed longer. If we had more time we would have returned. The park is absolutely stunning even in bad weather. Recommended

Anmeldt af: Elizabeth M , januar 2010

The Hot Springs was very relaxing!

Anmeldt af: REGINA A , USA, marts 2009

It was fine.

Anmeldt af: CATHERINE L , United Kingdom, august 2008

Loved the experience. Opted for the private pool which was so relaxing - would recommend to all.

Anmeldt af: Julius H , januar 2012

This should be a recommended tour to see the beautiful of Yangmingshan mountain and enjoy the natural hot spring. However, I quite disappointed with the tour guide which is not really communicative with us. He only speaks the important words during the journey, never asked us to take pictures, and he was gone on the way back before the non English speaking driver dropped us at the hotel in the end of the tour. Moreover, we noticed that he also enjoyed the natural hot springs in his own private room when waiting for us having the hot springs.

Anmeldt af: Anonym , april 2010

This one is good for the transportation in getting to see the sites, but had I known where everything was and how to get there, I'd have been better off doing it myself, could spend more time and not get stuck with other crowds.

Anmeldt af: diane h , marts 2014

Only suitable in good weather.

Anmeldt af: Monica M , september 2011

Didn't get to see much of the National Park at all; hardly a chance to even get out and walk. Not long enough. Only highlight was the private hot spring experience for 40 mins. However, I won't be recommending this tour to anyone.

Anmeldt af: Anonym , juni 2010

I liked the park and the hot spring bath, but the guide/driver didn't give us any information. I could have done the same tour by myself!

Anmeldt af: Anonym , februar 2010

Our tour guide was very impatient and rude. He actually raised his voice with an elderly man in the tour. After the trip, he detoured and brought us to a shop to buy pineapple cakes. We filled in the order form for 4 boxes of 10 and paid the tour guide as he said he would help us queue up and collect the cakes for us; 20 mins later, he came out of the store room and gave us a bag. I asked him why there were only 2 boxes, and he said that they were boxes of 20. They were sealed, so we didn't open them till we reached our hotel. They were only 10 inside each of them.

Anmeldt af: janet t , februar 2015

Disappointment. Not value for the money paid

Anmeldt af: AUNG MIN O , november 2010

Nothing special for me

Anmeldt af: Anonym , juli 2010

Tour can't be blamed, but we saw absolutely nothing on Yangmingshan due to heavy fog. Also one thing that the tour is not explicit about is the hot-spring's portion of the trip. You are to bathe separated man and woman absolutely naked. Being a prude American, that's a big deal and I would not have done this tour knowing that fact. I therefore chose to go into a private family room with my husband for bathing except 5 minutes into being in the changing room my husband was attacked by ants! Absolutely gross! Would not recommend the hot springs portion of tour at all!!!!