• Adresse: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Varighed: 3 timer (cirka)
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Anmeldt af: Connor D , september 2016

Efficient way to visit some of the highlights

Anmeldt af: Martin F , september 2015


Anmeldt af: Radomíra S , marts 2015

City tour was nice! I recommended !

Anmeldt af: Michael L , december 2014

Excellent all round!

Anmeldt af: snowflakes16 , Singapore, oktober 2014

Our tour guide was friendly and informative. Although he could have introduced more about the history of Taipei during the trip. We nearly forgot to arrange our pick up and they still answered our phone call in the late evening.
It was a very convenient way to visit the must-see places in Taipei!

Anmeldt af: MISS LJ G , september 2014

We really enjoyed the half-day tour of Taipei. Edison Travel Services was well-organised and responded quickly to any pre-travel queries. Our guide was knowledgable and friendly, and spoke good English. He was patient and accommodating throughout the tour. It's a lot to fit into a few hours, and the Grand Palace Museum isn't really done justice in such a short visit, but it is a great introduction to Taiwan, and a good overview of important points of interest for those with limited travel time.

Anmeldt af: Alvin M , december 2013

Excellent tour guide who led us with skill and humor. Heartily recommend.

Anmeldt af: Madlena M , december 2013

Fun experience. Guide very knowledgeable and humorous. Good way to be introduced to Taipei.

Anmeldt af: Chi Bao Tran N , september 2013

This tour is wonderful, good arrangement and perfect tourist guide with wide knowledge and good English.

Anmeldt af: Annie M , august 2013

Excellent way to kill 1/2 a day resourcefully. Our flight was at 11:45pm and we had to check out of the hotel room by 12noon. Our 1/2 city tour started at 1pm. The guide was very knowledgable on history of Taiwan. We particularly enjoyed the tour of the museum.

Anmeldt af: grandpapor , juni 2013

The tour was a small group on a van for half a day. The tour guide was knowledgeable and willing to show you things that interested you. The time at the National Museum was too short but would have been too short if the entire half day had been spent there. Now we know it is there and can go back at our leisure.

Anmeldt af: Linda T , juni 2013

We really enjoyed the tour.

Anmeldt af: Alexander P , april 2013

Very nice half day tour. the guide, Mr. Dan was very good, with a lot of sense of humor.
We enjoyed it very much.

Anmeldt af: Daniel Yoja Y , april 2013

Super convenient and great way to see the best of Taipei. Tour was small with only 7 of us and we had our own driver and guide. Took about 4+ hours to complete and was an excellent option for us.

Anmeldt af: katlasm , april 2013

Goodness gracious!!!! That's my response to the question of how much we enjoyed this tour - kidding me!!!! Who wouldn't enjoy the majestic landscapes and mountainpeaks experienced on this tour. The ethereal waterfalls, look-out points, the greenery...Simply Amazing!!! So very well organized and you will see why it absolutely has to be. You cover much ground in this baby. I heavily, and I mean heavily suggest you leave the cute clothes behind and wear something comfortable and loose. More important than that - GOOD SHOES!!! Trust me, it's not for the fashionistas to display the latest It's not dirty at all or anything, but you're freaking in the mountains and walking along beautiful trails. You want comfort. And last but not least, I cannot speak highly enough about the guide you'll have, Josephine. She flat out rocks and this woman is the real deal. She's fun, witty, and truly cares that each and every person under her aegis is thoroughly enjoying themselves. Folks, take this tour - period. Love and Light ; )

Anmeldt af: Virginia A , februar 2013

Enjoyed the sceneries!

Anmeldt af: pink golfer , februar 2013

The places to visit are very interesting, nice and educational. They were able to make the most out of our half day city tour. Our tour guide is knowledgeable and sensitive to our needs.

Anmeldt af: Barry S , USA, januar 2013

Perfect way to shake jet lag...a 3+ hour taste of the city highlights. The changing of the guard at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall was an event that tops Buckingham Palace! We even enjoyed driving around the city as our tourmates were picked up. Gave us a chance to see city sites and not drive!

Anmeldt af: Barry S , USA, januar 2013

We've found city tours helpful to be oriented to any city where we travel. This time we took a Taiwan friend who learned a lot too. My personal highlight was the National Palace Museum. We went back and spent the whole next day! Think of all the treasures of the Chinese emperors in one place. WOW!

Anmeldt af: ParisGirl , august 2012

Excellent quick tour of Taipei! I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants a quick overview of the city. The local company called to confirm pickup time and I was picked up at my hotel right on time. The tour guide spoke great English and was very informative and personable. I would definitely recommend this trip.

Anmeldt af: stingerette85 , februar 2012

Great way to see Taipei's most popular tourist attractions especially if you are on limited time! Loved our tour guide. He was incredibly informative, funny and patient. He did such a great job at ensuring that everyone was included. I highly recommend this tour.

Anmeldt af: Chris Hord , Australia, februar 2012

It was a short tour and wish we could spend more time in the museum as it had the most amazing collections. In general, the tour is great and the tour guide is helpful. I am glad that I have joined this tour.

Anmeldt af: Stacey K , januar 2012

What a wonderful way to be introduced to this breath taking city! Me and a friend were very impressed and would reccomend to anyone. Its a simple yet a quick introduction to the Taiwanese culture. We were so impressed with their pick up service at our small and out of the way hostel we stayed at.
Thank you!

Anmeldt af: Katie C , United Kingdom, oktober 2011

A Good guide, wonderful sights arranged very well. A great tour.

Anmeldt af: yap hong t , juni 2011

Fantastic! Mr Xie (tour guide) has been very knowledgeable and he speaks very in English, Japanese and of course Mandarin. Cheers!