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Nanya ROCKS!!!

miasanluis, maj 2015

Went to Taipei with my sister. Here's a picture of the Nanya Rock Formation with us. :

The coast of Taiwan

Bruce A, december 2015

Green mountains and fog

Chiufen on a foggy day

Bruce A, december 2015

Supposedly, when its not foggy, there is a view of the ocean from this angle.

Bamboo Shoot

Stacy Y, maj 2015

The one and only sandstone formation you'll see on this tour.

Map of North Taiwan

Stacy Y, maj 2015

Self explanatory

Beautiful Northeast Coast

Kevin Todaro, United States of America, marts 2015

Picture our wonderful tour guide Danny took of us on the coast.

Chiufen Village

kanpatricia0, marts 2015

Movie filming site