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On top of the World, or at least Sydney

Stephen P, maj 2015

Steve and Lynn Palmer on the top. We made it and neither wanted to turn back or had jelly legs.

Coming back down from bridge climb September 2014

Gregory H, september 2014

Greg (dad) Zoe and Mac- from central Victoria. Ran across it, sailed under it and climbed over it

G'day mate!

Thomas W, april 2014

Sydney BridgeClimb

rtotoj, januar 2017

The Sydney Harbor Bridge climb gets 2 thumbs up!

rtotoj, januar 2017

Celebrating turning 50 by Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge!

Anna W, januar 2017

Teilen Sie uns mit, wer auf dem Foto zu sehen ist und was Sie tun usw.

Ainayi A, januar 2017

Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb. My husband, son and myself.