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Anmeldt af: ARNOLD W , februar 2017

Very informative ang patient, thorough guide of one of the most beutiful churches in the world as well as the museum.

Anmeldt af: Fabrizio R , februar 2017

Very knowledgeable guide, with a very good command of English and ability to answer most questions. My children were able to follow and throughouly enjoy the 3-hour tour.

Anmeldt af: John H , februar 2017

Only way to do it. Go early in the AM and have the rest of the day to wander on your own.

Anmeldt af: Franklin S , januar 2017

My brother recommended Viator for tours while we were in Europe. Unfortunately, we missed a tour in Barcelona but booked one for the Vatican with St. Peter's and the Sistine Chapel. A group of 12 with an English-speaking guide. Fabulous tour! Our tour guide was amazing! Very knowledgeable and her English was very understandable! There were a lot of people when we entered both the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's and she kept the group close together and provided a narrative that was both engaging and informative! We have recommended this tour to friends since we have been home and we will book tours again with this company when we travel in the future!

Anmeldt af: Charlie , januar 2017

I cannot stress enough how imperative it is to book an early morning skip-the-line tour when visiting the Vatican. I have done the Vatican three ways, 1. no pre-booked tour, just waited in line with the rest of the schlubs, 2. booked tour, but not early access, and 3. booked tour, early access. 3 is by far the smartest. The lines outside of the Vatican are ALWAYS insanely long, and the crowds inside are just as bad if you go during regular hours. Yes, this tour costs a bit more, but take it from someone who knows i.e. learned the hard way, IT IS WORTH IT. You meet early in the morning and a predesignated point across the street from the entrance. You can take a cab here, possibly even a bus. The alternative is standing in the line that snakes the block, and walking all the way around in line. That line is no joke my friends! I always visit in October or November, which is outside the summer season, and the lines are still crazy, so I can't even imagine what they are in summer. The tour guide then hands out the audio devices, and you literally walk across the street and walk right through the door, bypassing everyone in line and avoiding their evil and jealous gazes. This particular tour was excellent, we were given a tour of the gardens, highlights in the museum, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's. We made it through most of the tour before the rest of the crowds were herded in. I hate the throngs of people, so this was really worth it for me and made it so much more enjoyable. Also, if you are traveling with older adults or young children, weigh the extra cost of the ticket against standing in that long line outside for hours, and then walking miles of museum inside. WORTH IT.

Anmeldt af: WoohooWorld! , United States of America, januar 2017

Very nice tour. I went in January and it was like having the Vatican and the Tour Guide to myself.

Anmeldt af: fmontanac , januar 2017

Tour muy recomendable.Tomamos este tour en Enero 2017. Nuestra guía Anna fue excelente en todos sentidos. Con gran conocimiento y sobre todo gran pasión por todos los detalles que explica en el mismo. Definitivamente recomendable tomar el tour de grupos pequeños con acceso anticipado debido a la gran cantidad de gente que hay. La Capilla Sixtina y la Iglesia de San Pedro son extraordinarias. Se respetaron los horarios y Anna hizo de este viaje una gran experiencia. Gracias Anna.

Anmeldt af: Linda M S , januar 2017

Perfect way to enjoy this amazing location. Tour guides bring the art, history and people to life with their in depth knowledge. The 3 hour tour was just right. Having the head sets with ear phones, allowed us to easily hear the guide speak while not having to stay right beside her. we started at the vatican museums, which were amazing. Guide was great in calling out the highlights in the maze of rooms. We had enough time in the Sistine chapel, and prior to entry were told what to look for so we could just quietly study this masterpiece. .Recommend the smaller group tour, and early access. also I think trip was nicer in off season as things were busy but not crammed. Plenty of space to look around. Short lines.

Anmeldt af: rilde1313 , januar 2017

Excellent tour! Our guide met us exactly where we were told, and she was extremely knowledgeable about the everything the Vatican has to offer! We had a great time and spent a good 2-3 hours with our guide learning all about the different rooms and buildings, as well as seeing top sites like the Sistine Chapel and La Pieta. Not to mention the perk of getting in before the crowds! Highly recommend this tour.

Anmeldt af: Tom D , januar 2017

Superb! The guide was fabulous. There is a lot of walking and I have a lung condition but I was always able to find a place to sit down along the way.A must see.

Anmeldt af: BENJAMIN H , januar 2017

Well worth the cost and time. Lavi did an extraordinary job leading our tour. Thanks!

Anmeldt af: Lenny , United States of America, januar 2017

Incredible experience. Our guide gave us insight that we never would have learned.
Only 12 of us!! Passed by a few hundred folks as we went into the Vatican! Priceless!!

Anmeldt af: Tina W , januar 2017

Definitely the only way to see the Vatican. Our guide was very good--he kept a good pace, answered all questions, and discussed the highlights of the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Basilica. Our small group could hear our guide easily with the headphones he provided.
We have visited before during regular hours, and it was so crowded that we couldn't see anything or hear our guide.The early access and small group format made all the difference.

Anmeldt af: Susanne P , december 2016

We had a great guide who knew lots about art and had a great sense of humor.

Anmeldt af: s.kehe , december 2016

This tour I will highly recommend. When we got into the Museum we were like the only people in it for about the first 45 minutes. It was like having the Museum all to our self. Our guide was very knowledgeable and was very interesting to listen to. Overall it was a wonderful experience to view the Museum and St. Peters using this tour.

Anmeldt af: Armando S , december 2016

This the only way to really see what the Vatican is all about!. Our guide was very well informed and was happy to share it with us. No rushing from place to place and all questions were answered.

Anmeldt af: jaqie , december 2016

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful

Anmeldt af: Robert K , december 2016

The tour was excellent. Our guide, Francesca, was charming and brilliant. This small tour12 persons maximum is a must!!!

Anmeldt af: mevalente58 , november 2016

A wonderful tour and our guide was amazing! Highly recommend this tour!

Anmeldt af: Shannon J , november 2016

This was a great tour! Our guide, Lorelei was terrific, very knowledgeable and very easy to understand. The pace of the tour felt just right and three hours flew by! Early access was most definitely worth it as we never felt rushed or crowded.
It goes without saying that the venue is stunning!

Anmeldt af: JAS , United States of America, november 2016

This was a wonderful way to see Vatican city and the chapel. Our tour guide was so educated on the facts and made the place come alive. It was great to avoid the crowds also.

Anmeldt af: Sally A , november 2016

This was the best way to visit the Vatican which included a comprehensive tour of the museum, Sistine Chapel plus St Peters Basilica. Our tour guide was extremely informative and had extensive knowledge of the history of the artwork and Vatican. It was easy to book into and was able to use e-voucher so no running around finding ticket offices to gain access or waiting in long queues. Strongly recommend, well worth the money spent.

Anmeldt af: Wendy S , november 2016

Gia was an informative guide keeping the info upbeat and easy to relate to.. very interesting and informative.

Anmeldt af: Dawn M , november 2016

It was so worth getting in early and missing the lines. Our guide was amazing. The tour guide really makes the tour

Anmeldt af: Richard G , november 2016

The tour covered the Vatican Museum in great detail. What more needs to be said. There are 9 miles of galleries so seeing all of it was well beyond the ability of our three hour tour. Everything we saw was incredible and was a key part of the history of the Vatican. Well worth the investment. Be prepared to have your mind overwhelmed with the incredible range and depth of artworks in the museum.
Our tour guide Magdalena was incredibly well informed and knowledgeable. Her knowledge was impressive and she was gladly answered all our questions - even those well beyond the items contained in the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel, or St Peter's. If you have her as your guide, you will NOT be disappointed.