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Old City

Tracey S, Canada, februar 2010

Walking up to Samuel Champlain's residence

Dog hook

Tracey S, Canada, februar 2010

This interesting plate was for dog owners to leave their pets outside the store

Old houses

Tracey S, Canada, februar 2010

The buildings in the old city are reminiscent of Paris, France

Chateau Frontenac

steven v, oktober 2015

Chateau Frontenac

At the Chateau Frontenac

Betty H, oktober 2015

The bus was an easy way to get to the Upper Town and the Chateau Frontenac.

Fun shopping in Petit Champlain

Marilyn B, november 2013

Tell us who's in the photo, what you were doing etc.

The Funiculaire transport from Upper to Lower Quebec City

Marilyn B, november 2013

Much faster and much safer than the long, long staircase...only for the very young and hardy!