• Adresse: Portland, Oregon
  • Varighed: 3 timer (cirka)
Fra USD 69,00

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Portland Beer and Bike Tour

Rusty, USA, juni 2013

Our group, with our awesome guide.

Beer tasting!

Katiemo, april 2014

Enjoying a tasting at our first stop

Brewery number 2

Katiemo, april 2014

Tasting at our second brewery stop

Beer sampler

Katiemo, april 2014

This was a nice way to sample the beers available - and it was all included in the tour price!

Biking buddies

Katiemo, april 2014

Great tour in Portland!

Biking in Portland

Rusty, USA, juni 2013

C'mon, with lanes this wide, Portland makes it too easy to ride a bike downtown.

Crystal Ballroom

Rusty, USA, juni 2013

One thing that's really cool about this tour - you get to explore the Crystal Ballroom (great local music venue) during the day, and just walk around and admire the chandeliers, art work, murals, and overall cool vibe.