• Adresse: Paris, France
  • Varighed: 3 timer (cirka)
Fra USD 130,31

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Anmeldt af: Catherine , august 2013

This is a must. Bought so many things - filled an entire suitcase! Bargain prices!!!! Guide was very sweet and accomodating towards us!

Anmeldt af: Janice J , januar 2013

What a treat! In general I am not one that enjoys the shopping experience very much however, the guide was A+ and the selection and prices were fantastic. The next time I return to Paris I will sign up for the tour again earlier in the trip and purchase luggage in addition to a new wardrobe.

Anmeldt af: BobDalton , oktober 2012

This tour was one of the highlights of our trip! We were spoiled in that we had our guide exclusively to ourselves and she catered the tour to our interests. Starting off at Au Bon Marche our guide provided us with an overview of current trends before taking us to the various shops. We were able to find jackets, bags, jewellery, knitwear, toys and housewares at significantly reduced prices. Additionally, we were able to chat at length and received insights into French culture and life. This tour was worth every cent!

Anmeldt af: Karen Y , Australia, november 2010

Fabulous tour. One on one with a very experienced haut courture lady. Took me to some very interesting places all close to the Hotel de Ville which I had no idea they existed.

Anmeldt af: Beth W , oktober 2010

Brilliant! Emmanuel was just wonderful. She knows all the best places and I got just what I wanted. Highly recommended.

Anmeldt af: Lesley F , United Kingdom, august 2010

My daughter and I had a lovely time. It was more than we expected and our tour guide, Emmanuele was very friendly. It was an informative tour informing us of the latest fashions. We visited numerous fashion designer shops and our guide kept within our budget for purchasing items. The tour lasted for more than 2 hours, but time flew by. My daughter tried on so many clothes, styles which she thought she would never try on. Our guide was very knowledgeable and we never felt pressured that we have to purchase anything. In fact we did, and my daughters friends were impressed with her dress. The tour was excellent and I would highly recommend it. Thank you Emmanuelle for making our time in Paris GREAT.

Anmeldt af: Gail D , USA, juli 2010

My daughter and I were thrilled with our tour. We were taken to stores and shops we'd never have found ourselves and bought loads of fabulous clothes. Our guide was fun and really knew her stuff!!!

Anmeldt af: Kathleen W , juli 2010

My 14-year-old daughter and I took this tour and absolutely loved it! She had saved up for 2 years to buy a Louis Vuitton purse in Paris. We thought this tour would be a good way to save on couture handbags instead of shopping on the Champ de Lysee. Our guide met us at a coffee shop in the Marais fashion district. She spoke perfect English and French and was very friendly and professional. She had an excellent knowledge of the shops in the area and of the upcoming trends in fashion. Since we were the only 2 people on the tour that day, our guide asked my daughter what she was shopping for and then tailored the tour to visit the shops most likely to carry Louis Vuitton purses. There are no guarantees of what you'll find on this walking tour, that's why you can find such great deals. Most items are new or come from the catwalks, photo shoots or are trial runs or last year's styles. Others are resale items, but we were told if they were. She escorted us to shops that are hard to find and unique. She greeted the shopkeepers warmly and explained to them in French what we were seeking and then translated their replies into English for us. By the end of the tour, we did find one Louis Vuitton purse; it was a resale item, but my daughter wasn't crazy about the style. However, she was thrilled to buy two new Chanel bags. We also found great clothes and accessories along the way. A perfect shopping day in Paris!

Anmeldt af: Linda A , USA, juni 2010

This trip is highly recomended, however, we started a little late and ended a little early. Even the full 3 hours would have rushed things. This activity requires a bit more time. This store, Comptoir des Cotonniers, overcharged me considerably. It is also my fault for not carefully checking the receipt. Could have been an oversight on their part, or not. Emmanuelle brought us to stores within our budget range, explained recent fashion trends, and helped us choose items. I would do this again.

Anmeldt af: Carolyn R , Australia, august 2009

This was absolutely wonderful, and our guide was a lovely lady who took us on a wonderful trip. My daughter and I were the only people on that time slot, and it was like three friends shopping together. I highly recommend it. My daughter got some wonderful bargins as well.

Anmeldt af: Laura C , USA, oktober 2008

The tour was awesome. The guide was very friendly, and the shopping was off the chain. I would do this one again for sure.

Anmeldt af: Amanda H , maj 2015

I enjoyed this tour! Sandra took us to a less crowded department store and much safer! Loved the experience; however, I wish we had gone to less consignment stores. She had amazing ideas for gifts to bring home too!

Anmeldt af: Will , november 2012

Guide was very good and purchases were very cost effective.

Anmeldt af: Pamela N , oktober 2011

Sandra was great fun and very knowledgeable about the fashions and the designers plus she personalized her recommendations for each tour member. I was a most enjoyable tour; highly recommended!

Anmeldt af: Tania P , september 2010

This tour is worth doing if you like value for money. You visit a vintage shop which has great jewellery. Visited two shoe designer shops and very good value for money. As there were three ladies including myself from Australia we all had purchased. Just do it. Tour guide asks what your are looking for so tell her or you will miss out.

Anmeldt af: Erin M , Canada, juni 2010

Definitely a great tour but our instructor was late.

Anmeldt af: Marcia A , USA, december 2009

Great tour guide.

Anmeldt af: Anonym , USA, november 2009

They accommodated for both your personal shopping styles and pocket book when seeking out stores.

Anmeldt af: Dana R , USA, oktober 2008

We loved our guide, and loved the stores she chose for us. I would do it again on my next trip there.

Anmeldt af: Debbie C , september 2014

We didn't get any kind of shopping book from the lady. A bit expensive for what we got. Basically took us to consignment and old stock high end stores. Girl was interesting but bale was more like 75.00 a person

Anmeldt af: Victoria N , september 2011

Alot of talking by the guide and whilst it was interesting - less talk and more discount shops woudlhasver been better

Anmeldt af: estockford , august 2012

The tour guide was so very nice, but this excursion was not what we thought it would be. Really, we had someone tagging along with us. The guide was a person that was employed in the fashion industry, yet her clothes were old, weathered and out of date. With that said, I really liked her. She had wonderful enthusiasm and was so very kind. We thought we were going to a shopping district that would be discount designer clothing etc. Instead the guide walked you up/down streets of regular shops, pointed out that items were on sale because of end of season, and encourage you to try on clothes., yet other people on the 'tour' might be waiting to move on - it was awkward.

Anmeldt af: VLStraveler , august 2011

The cost of this trip was too expensive for what it actually was. We visited 1 large department store and 2 resale shops. We attempted to visit 2 other shops but they were closed. We learned more from other participants on the tour than the guide about other resale shops in Paris. Would suggest the guide provide a list of shops that we could visit on our own after the tour to provide more benefit for the cost.

Anmeldt af: Juan Vargas , Dominican Republic, december 2010

good tour. nothing impressive.

Anmeldt af: Anonym , Dominican Republic, juli 2010

The tour guide was good but I was disappointed that we didnt receive the promised "exclusive map of Paris best kept shopping secrets for your independent shopping". I would have liked to have visited more shops with shorter queues.