• Adresse: Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Varighed: 90 minutter (cirka)
Fra USD 48,62

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Anmeldt af: William M , januar 2014

very good - five stars

Anmeldt af: tours , december 2013

Perfect intro tour. Our guide was terrific. Great English, loads of history, and surprises inside the Kremlin walls... Worthwhile tour. A must for photographers.

Anmeldt af: Roshan K , november 2013

This was fantastic -- the tour guide (Elena, I believe) was absolutely phenomenal. She made the entire experience quite a blast.

Anmeldt af: Evelyn W , Canada, juli 2013

We enjoyed the tour guide, she was animated and knowledgable .
We had an informed tour of the Kremlin.

I have an important, objective improvement to suggest:
When assembling for a tour could an address such as 1 Main Street be used instead of at the Kutafya Tower ( as an example). We have taken many tours with VIATOR and this is not the first time we have experienced difficulty locating the guide. In fact in Venice in 2010 we missed a tour completely due to this confusion.Another suggestion the guide could have an umbrella of a certain colour.

Anmeldt af: James P , juni 2013

Good tour!

However, the generalized area at the specified tower at the Kremlin is a very large place, with the entrance actually on the lower level. The tour guide wound up actually at street level between the tower and the stairway to the lower level. A more precise location for meeting up is recommended, as well as a VIATOR or some other flag or placard or something on the tour guide to allow easier recognition. . . . such as "in front of the ticket offices on the lower level."

Anmeldt af: Tim G , juni 2015

First of all, a visit to the Kremlin is an absolute must whilst in Moscow. If you're short on time, then this tour is a great way of getting an overview of the main highlights and our tour guide was very knowledgeable and made the tour very interesting. However, it took about 45 minutes from when we met to actually get in to the Kremlin as we waited for those who hadn't pre-booked to pay for their tour, for the tour guide to get the entry tickets and to get through security. This meant that by the time we had finished, we only had about 45 minutes left before the Kremlin closed for the day to explore on our own. Overall, I'd say it's worth doing if you only have limited time but be aware that you may not have a lot of time to explore anything in greater detail.

Anmeldt af: Margaret R , august 2013

I did three tours, The Metro Tour, The Communist Walking Tour and this Kremlin Small-Group Tour and of the three this was the least appealing. By the time our guide acquired tickets for us and found our security person from the Kremlin, who is required to accompany the tour there was not a lot of time left. I felt that there was nothing really on this tour which you could not have achieved by just wandering around yourself.

Anmeldt af: Nataliya D , juni 2013

Difficult to find guide, the contact phone was not working, guide was knowledgeable but a bit eccentric

Anmeldt af: Robyn W , september 2015

I was unable to find the guide amongst all the people there. In the end I bought another ticket for myself and did a self guided tour of the Kremlin. Waste of money booking the tour

Anmeldt af: Sio Wa W , juni 2015

At specified tour time and place, there is no trace of tour leader, I have to buy the ticket myself at the ticket office, I just don't know what happened!

Anmeldt af: helijeff , april 2015

This was the most disappointing Viator tour I have ever purchased. It was not at all clear from the description on Viator that the tour would only include the cathedrals inside the Kremlin. There were no options for tours of other parts of the Kremlin - which would have been more interesting to me. A more thorough description should be written.

Anmeldt af: Maria del Mar M , juni 2013

The Kremlin tour was expected to be around the 4 cathedrals that are inside with an english speaker guide but we visited only one with the guide and the other 3 by ourself because apparently our tickets were not appropiate for the guided tour. The guide spent 15 min of our 90 min tour arguing with the local officer.