• Adresse: Merida, Mexico
  • Varighed: 8 timer (cirka)
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Anmeldt af: Leslie B , januar 2017

As good as if not better than Chichen Itza. My guide Santiago was very knowledgeable. I would suggest having tickets already purchased. I don't think tour guides should have to wait in lines for entrance tickets.

Anmeldt af: Simon S , december 2016

Great tour which included Uxmal and Kabah ruins, Chocolate museum, a mayan house plus traditions, and lunch. Sadly, Uxmal was the last stop and unfortunately had only an hour and a bit to go around before it closed. Still, would very much recommend this tour to anyone in Merida. Start time could be a bit earlier to include everything. Or probably less time at the chocolate museum, or at least start with Uxmal first as it is really the highlight of this trip.

Anmeldt af: Daniel , december 2016

Uxmal은 메리다에서 여행하기 쉬운 유적지로 인근의 치첸잇사와는 다른 묘미가 있습니다. 가이드의 친절한 안내와 함께 유적지 구석구석을 살펴볼 수 있었습니다. 무엇보다 관광객이 많치 않아 좋습니다. 두 개의 피라미드 중 한 곳은 꼭대기까지 올라가볼 수 있어서 주변의 아름다운 경치를 한 눈에 볼 수 있습니다. 맛있는 점심식사가 포함되어 있어 좋습니다. 메리다를 관광한다면 한 번은 꼭 와봐야할 곳입니다.

Anmeldt af: Ashley J , september 2016

Todo perfecto! I don't usually like group tours but this one was great! Guided tours are a great way to learn more about Mayan history and culture, and this one was especially helpful since Uxmal and Kabah are smaller, and so don't have as much information posted at the site. Also, I never would have thought to visit Kabah if it hadn't been on this tour, and it ended up being one of my favorite sites!

Anmeldt af: Nicole P , juli 2016

tolle Tour!

Anmeldt af: John B , juli 2016

Needless to say, the Mayan ruins at Uxmal and Kabah are fantastic and well worth a visit. I really enjoyed this trip, much more than the Chichen Itza trip I did out of Cancun. The guides were very good, and the included lunch was an excellent three course waiter-served meal, rather than the kind of rushed buffet that one so often gets on such trips. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone who finds themselves with a spare day while staying in Merida.

Anmeldt af: Corbet R , juli 2016

Our day trip to Kabah and Uxmal was absolutely amazing! Our guide Agusto was incredibly knowledgable and did a great job sharing his Mayan insight about these two awesome sights. Best part of the tour: almost no people at either site! We could explore freely and it was great. Highly recommend this tour as it made travelling to this spot outside Merida a breeze!

Anmeldt af: Mario O , juni 2016

This was a great experience! Uxmal and Kabah is not as touristy as Chichen Itza. I would highly recommend this tour as it gives a more different feel than other ruin tours I have been before.

Anmeldt af: Mario O , juni 2016

This is a highly recommended tour. I have been on many tours to ruins before but Uxmal and Kabah is a wonderful experience. The exquisite architecture, ornamentation and the history that surrounds it is magnificent. This is a must if you are in this part of the Yucatan.

Anmeldt af: Matthew S , juni 2016

Excellent trip. Many thanks to our guide, Wilbert Mayaland Tours for his knowledge and grace.

Anmeldt af: Donald R , juni 2016

We had an enjoyable experience with our international traveling companions and our knowledgable tour guide.

Anmeldt af: Bill B , juni 2016

Great trip. Our guide Algusto is excellent.

Anmeldt af: Collin P , juni 2016

Besides the Mayan temples, we also visited: the Museum de Cacao though not enough time to tour it, an old abandoned sisal factory, and a Mayan home and family. Don't miss the Mayan home and family! It was our favorite part. Our guide said it was optional, and would cost a few pesos. Definitely worth it. Lunch was at the restaurant next to the hotel at Uxmal.

Anmeldt af: Livia M , september 2015

Our guide Raoul was AMAZING, he knew so much was really good at communicating it. Definately book this tour.

Anmeldt af: bbarragans , juli 2015

Very interesting and beautiful tour. Kabah and Uxmal are amazing places. Lunch was also very good, a big and delicious buffet in a lodge close to Uxmal's entrance. We had a great day, I highly recommend this tour.

Anmeldt af: Rima K , Australia, juni 2015

This is more interesting than Chichen Itza in some ways, depending on your interests. Kalahari is a small site but worth seeing. The views you get from the palace at Uxmal are worth the walk up. Our guide, Agusto, was very good also amiable and knows the sites well.

Anmeldt af: qthanh2005 , juni 2015


Anmeldt af: Eliran K , marts 2015

The trip was very interesting, educational, and enjoyable.
We were picked up on time, but were joined with another group as our designated guide was sick. In total, we were 5 couples (10 people), joined by Augusto the guide, who was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. Though his accent was not so easy to digest, he provided us with plenty of information on Kabah and Uxmal and was very interesting to hear.

Lunch was good, transportation was OK, and we kept good time.

Anmeldt af: Dinu T , februar 2015

This was a very interesting and well organized tour.
The guide, Francisco was very friendly and provided all the information about Uxmal and Kabah.

Anmeldt af: Lucy R , december 2014

Our guide Elias was exceptional. Very knowledgeable, friendly and considerate. Knows the history of the area. If we go back he is the only guide we will use.

Anmeldt af: Judith E , marts 2014

Both sites are gorgeous!

Anmeldt af: Brad H , april 2015

Great tour and the sights were a lot less busy than Chichen Itza. The tour guide was very knowledgable and the lunch was great. Recommended.

Anmeldt af: Fruzsina T , februar 2015

Avarage tour, they are doing it for your money and no more! Next I'm looking forward an other company, I hope there are.