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Anmeldt af: Anthony B , november 2015

Excellent trip would recommend it to anyone

Anmeldt af: David L , september 2015

This tour didn't start very well as an hour after were to be picked up we were still sitting in our hotel lobby. We asked the hotel staff to call our contact information we had from our Voucher and were told the driver went to the wrong hotel and had picked up all his guests and has already left the City. With that we were asked to hold on.
Fifteen minutes later we were told someone else is coming to pick us up.
Admittedly an hour and a half after we were supposed to be picked up my wife and I were not very happy.

We got picked up and were told we were going to be driven out to Selangor to meet up with the other group which I expressed an issue with, meeting up with them means we will have missed the first two hours of the tour. The driver made some phone calls and as we don't understand the language I assume quick change of plans were made. We were driven to the palace instead where we picked up Arul, a tour guide who would ultimately accompany us on the evening trip.
We figured out through listening during the drive and asking some questions that the gentleman who finally picked us up is a Supervisor with the tour Company and he had already worked the day, as had Arul who had just got home from a previous tour and was about to have his dinner.
We were driven to a personal home over 100 years old and built without a single nail, for both my wife and I this was a highlight. We saw the old fort and had plenty of time to spend feeding the monkeys, enjoyed an incredible meal and the firelies experience was something I'll never forget. Arul was very personable, professional and knowledgable and along with the Supervisor gentleman turned a very negative experience into an amazing evening. We didn't feel rushed and feel very satisifed with the was the evening turned out. The Tour Company sub contracted for this tour from Viotor was ASIAN OVERLAND - make sure you use this Company whenever possible. They will make it right and ensure you're happy!

Anmeldt af: Stuart L , juli 2015

Excellent. Our guide put every effort into making sure we had a good time. Dinner was great!

Anmeldt af: Julian W , juni 2015

Guide/Driver was excellent. Very interesting and good value. Did exactly what it said on the tin.

Anmeldt af: Donald W , januar 2015

Even though we had rain fall the entire day, the food and the tour were worth seeing and the time with others from other countries around the world was priceless. Be prepared for a seven hour day by the time they pick you up from the hotel to the time you get back.

Anmeldt af: Yasmin S , december 2014

One of the best excursions. Great value for money. Very romantic for couples. 9/10.

Anmeldt af: Kaoru , november 2014

The monkeys were hands-down the highlight of this tour. The food was good. As for the fireflies, make sure you have your special someone with you as it's quite romantic to witness.

Anmeldt af: Victor P , september 2014

Loved the silver leaf monkeys and the fireflies were romantic :)

Anmeldt af: Uwe S , april 2014

Perfekte Organisation, Top Guide/Fahrer - sehr schönes unvergessliches Erlebnis

Anmeldt af: mohamed y , december 2013

vety nice amazing

Anmeldt af: ELIZABETH S , december 2013

Excellent guide was a star very knowledgeable the extra stops on way via monkeys and chocolate factory was a bonus. The fireflies were just amazing overall a truly exceptional experience we will do this again for sure

Anmeldt af: ibrahim , september 2013

Excellent trip- the food was lovely - great experience for the children- Guide was very knowledgeable

Anmeldt af: Valou2401 , september 2013

Excursion magnifique et que je recommande fortement. Tout a été parfait, sauf que le pick up est venu nous chercher avec 1 heure de retard. Autrement tout a été parfait

Anmeldt af: Eva , juli 2013

Nice place to dine and good seafood. Fireflies are magical.

Anmeldt af: Kalynara M , maj 2013

Different one! An amazing way of visiting countryside of Malaysia and see their people out of the big city of Kuala Lumpur and also see their fireflies and monkeys around. Love it!

Anmeldt af: Nahed , februar 2013

This tour highlighted our vacation. The boat right between masses of fire flies was like magic. The Chinese dinner was superb. Watching monkeys in the wild was very exciting. Every thing was just PERFECT

Anmeldt af: Preston T , september 2016

This tour was mostly fun. Make sure you bring insect repellent for the firefly boat ride at the end!

Anmeldt af: kylie joy n , juli 2016

We had an awesome time, our driver especially was the best we have had in a long time. Will definitely recommend this tour.

Anmeldt af: Ruth B , december 2015

Trip was great. I saw so many monkeys and the fireflies was very nice. Sad I could not take pictures since it was not allow. Seafood was great!

Anmeldt af: natalie.storer , december 2014

This tour was amazing!

Anmeldt af: lindsay r , juni 2014

A long drive but well worth it to see something so unique.
The meal although was neutral in taste,
Loved feeding the monkeys.

Anmeldt af: Kelip Kelip , januar 2014

Our tour driver was nice, and we shared a coach with another couple. It was raining cats and dogs on the way, so unlike other reviewers have commented, we couldn't unfortunately make any unplanned stops. We were hoping for a stop at the Batu caves, but the driver took an entirely different route. Took roughly two hours to get there.

You get a good view of the Malaysian country side on the way there. Endless swaths of palm plantations! Almost scary. You also get to see some typical country side houses and buildings.

The Kota Melawati stop was quite amusing. Hordes of monkeys jumping onto tourists and generally goofing around. There are vendors selling bundles of beans for 1 RM that you can feed to the monkeys. We spent about an hour there, and had good laughs.

The seafood stop at the fishing village is underwhelming. The river was muddy, and the village was a little filthy. The restaurant itself is a large shack like barn, and the food is mediocre. Also, they serve you one platter that you share with others in your group. Nothing like the romanticised description here on Viator.

Now, the highlight of the trip was of course the fireflies of Kuala Selangor. Thousands of fireflies flashing in beautiful synchrony across long stretches of mangroves. It was like a long row of Christmas trees. The little boat took us along the mangroves and even stopped for a bit underneath the illuminated trees. We spent a good 30 mins on the river soaking it all in.

Overall, the fireflies are an amazing sight. The monkeys at Kota Melawati are fun, but the dinner at the fishing village is very underwhelming.

Anmeldt af: Patricia C , september 2013

What a night it was great great guide lovely people. Monkey mountain was very interesting and the fly flies were out of this world. Not ever experienced anything like it before. Top marks to all concerned

Anmeldt af: Kerren M , juli 2013

Our Driver was most informative and catered for our needs and questions. He picked us up at our out of the way hotel for extra fare but well worth it as arrived late back. Loved the steamboat meal and the fireflies were amazing well worth the trip

Anmeldt af: Neil M , november 2016

Its quite a long day out from Kuala Lumpur for about 20 minutes on the water looking at the fireflies. The fireflies light show is really worth seeing but the rest of the trip is quite forgettable. The lighthouse stop feels a bit like a tourist trap. Tour would be improved by leaving later in the day and allowing longer on the water with the fireflies.