• Adresse: Franz Josef, New Zealand
  • Varighed: 4 timer (cirka)
Fra USD 274,41

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Anmeldelser på andre sprog

Anmeldt af: d.m. , oktober 2016

This was absolutely amazing. The views were great and wandering around a glacier was a very unique and fun experience.

Anmeldt af: SHARUL NAKHODA , Singapore, oktober 2016

Nathan Russell our glacier guide was awesome and he gave above and beyond service for our family of 4, and the glacier terrains were spectacular. Cheers

Anmeldt af: donovanplusmonica , oktober 2016

This tour was amazing! From the helicopter to our tour guide Nathan! We had such a great time exploring the glacier ! Highly recommended. The hot pools at the end were a nice finish as well.

Anmeldt af: janjazz16 , september 2016

The walk was amazing and the guide was very informative

Anmeldt af: Natasha S , august 2016

Amazing trip! From the helicopter ride there to walking around! I would recommend this to everyone. With a small group i can only imagine that it's a quicker trip around the glacier than it would be with a larger group. We had a few slower walkers which worked out well for us because we were up front and got to stop and enjoy the scenery. Our guide, George, was awesome and he made it fun too!

Anmeldt af: Kirsty G , juli 2016

Tour was great same with your guide nick!

Anmeldt af: yi ming L , juni 2016

Great tour guides and extremely informative. Awesome experience. Only real way to experience the glaciers.

Anmeldt af: Miss K. D , april 2016

I loved the glacier soo much!!! It was amazing experience, definitely recommended!

Anmeldt af: chef.monty1330 , marts 2016

What an awesome adventure

Anmeldt af: Linda S , juni 2015

Fantastic experience

Anmeldt af: Mai- Quan W , marts 2015

Absolutely amazing! Views to die for! Guides are friendly and helpful. highly recommended and well worth the price.

Anmeldt af: Shail M , marts 2015

Helicopter ride was fantastic. Really appreciated our Kiwi guide - seemed more authentic (Maori pronunciation and all).
Weather was perfect on the day. Great trip all up - highlight of our travels.

Anmeldt af: Loraine W , marts 2015

Amazing tour, beautiful scenery, knowledgeable and friendly guide. A great adventure.

Anmeldt af: Jezz , december 2014

This tour was amazing!

Anmeldt af: Michaela M , september 2014

Great guide (Jagged rocked), great weather, unforgettable scenery. Walking on blue ice is truly magical! The organisation was fantastic, worth every $$$ spent.

Anmeldt af: WENXIAN C , januar 2014

Safe but adventurous and challenging way to experience glacier. Guide is knowledgeable and attentive.

Anmeldt af: Ameet M , januar 2014

We really enjoyed the Franz Josef Glacier walk. The guide was excellent and we had a blast.

Anmeldt af: Martin N , januar 2014

Simply a must do when in Franz Josef if the weather allows. Our guide was very friendly and helpful, she cleared paths with her ice pick to make the hike easier, lent a helping hand on the steeper obstacles and even took group photos for us. The scenery is amazing and exploring the paths, stairs and caves is real experience. The hike itself was no trouble at all for average fitness people, if you can walk and climb stairs you can do it, the crampons and the guide do all the hard work for you. We went during summer so didn't need many extra layers, most on the tour had to take off the gore-tex jackets.

Anmeldt af: Kevin R , januar 2014

This was a lot of fun. Our guide was great. This particular tour takes you up on the glacier, a bit lower than the HeliHike option. Also, the helicopter ride is a quick 5-10 minute flight to the glacier, I believe the Heli Hike gives your more airtime but less glacier time. Highly recommend this tour, we wanted to be on the glacier longer so that's why we picked this one.

Anmeldt af: Randy O , januar 2014

Despite an event where one of the participants took to altitude sickness and had to be helicoptered down , all else went smoothly. The guide did quite well at explaining equipment and technique. I would rate this experience as one of the most exciting for me.

Anmeldt af: nicole t , december 2013

It was the highlight of our New Zealand adventure. An experience we will never forget. Have ticked it off my bucket list !!!!

Anmeldt af: L A N , august 2013

Brilliant informative and fun

Anmeldt af: Emily H , juli 2013

great experience!

Anmeldt af: Viggy , Australia, juli 2013

Perfect tour!!! I enjoyed the helicopter flight and the walk! I personally have acrophobia, but surprisingly i weren't scared within the flight, since the Pilot drive it very very stable, i keep taking photos of the beautiful scenery almost forgot i was in the air. Our guide is very handsome according to all our girls! Especially when he was running on the ice really fast, like teleport! he was leading in front of us with his hammer, to make us walk safe and easier. It is really easy and safe walk with a very little tiny adventure!

I was wearing a thermal underwear, a knit sweaters, and a ultralight down jacket, then on top with their provided gore-tex jacket! but after 20 mins i started feel hot, and wanted to throw all them away, i think i don't need that much next time since the walk keep your body really warm, that's why the guide only wear a short pants!

If you are a photographer and wants to take much photos and don't want to damaged your camera, just make sure you have the waterproof cover/case/bag for your camera, cause mine was half dead in the middle of the walk, since was too cold and the water drop from some of the ice in the cave. if you just want to take photo with your phone, just make sure you have the waterproof cover for your phone as well!

For this walk, they provide you a bag, you can put some food or water, for my opinion since this is not long, and you don't really have time to sit down to have a snack or something, just make sure you have enough food before the walk (there's a nice cafe just next to the registration, have food there!), then bring a bottle of water and a camera and your id, that's it, oh of course a hat and sunglasses! don't bring anything else heavy will keep you walk clumsy!!

I really love this walk!!! So much fun!!! 100% Satisfied!

Anmeldt af: Pamela Vianne T , juni 2013

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