• Adresse: Dublin, Irland
  • Varighed: 12 timer (cirka)
Fra USD 117,45

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Anmeldt af: YounHee K , oktober 2016

Our guide, Brian was great. Many thanks to him.

Anmeldt af: Patrick R , oktober 2016

Long day, but very organized.

Anmeldt af: Donna K , oktober 2016

Even in the pouring rain, was still able to appreciate and enjoy the Cork and Blarney Castle tours. The rail tours are fabulous and the Ireland's countryside is worth exploring!

Anmeldt af: DSPRINGER7 , september 2016

We enjoyed our trip very much! Jonathan was very knowledgeable and the best tour guide!

Anmeldt af: Tom W , juli 2016

Did you know Winston Churchhill kissed the blarney stone? After kissing the blarney stone I feel like my lips are now within six degrees of all lips! Was really good to see the Blarney Castle. Also the fish and chips and beer at the restaurant under the largest store in Ireland was awesome!

Anmeldt af: Mark D , juni 2016

Very well organized. Communicated to us well. Good timing on stops. Tour guide made sure to look after the group. Tour guide was knowledgeable and personable. Highly recommended.

Anmeldt af: Gulnawaz K , juni 2016

This tour was amazing!

Anmeldt af: Cooper , juni 2016

This was a great tour, the scenery is beautiful and the guides were excellent!

Anmeldt af: Sandi , United States of America, juni 2016

The best tour we have taken in any country. Norman was the absolute best guide. We have made a friend for life with Norman. I have told all my friends to make sure they ask for him when booking a tour. I would give this tour a 10 if possible

Anmeldt af: Jaclyn , maj 2016

This was a wonderful experience. Our tour guide, Bob, was professional and very personable. Everything went smoothly. Would have loved another few minutes at the English Market but was happy just to visit it.

Anmeldt af: Kelly E , april 2016

This is an awesome trip! It covered quite a bit of the area, and we were given plenty of time to visit where we wanted to go. Once you got off the train, you were on and off the bus several times. We didn't spend a lot of time on the bus, which was nice even though it was a nice bus. Meals are always factored into your time, but not included in the price. These tours are great because you're not lead by the hand they really let you go at your own pace and just give you the information you need and when to be back at the bus. Norman was our guide twice and was outstanding. The guides are always around and happy to answer any questions they keep you up to date on timing and they are very knowledgeable about the area. We have used Viator several times in several countries and I have nothing but great things to say about them. They are well organized and well executed they only work with reliable local partners so it's an easy choice.

Anmeldt af: Rachel M , januar 2016

We did this tour over the New Year's break, and from start to finish were very happy with our experience. The app was easy to use, and the entire trip was well organized. My husband and I were particularly happy to get to know our guide, Andy, who was not only extremely knowledgeable but also very funny and engaging. The scenery and experiences would have been great on their own but Andy made them especially memorable. We highly recommend this tour.

Anmeldt af: Pamela P , december 2015

We had a great trip, Norman-guide, and Ned-driver were very informative and helpful, and kind. Was an interesting trip You get to see more than listed as well. We went in December and had a small group too which made it even better. Would highly recommend.

Anmeldt af: alkan50 , december 2015

Great tour. Our guide, Jonathan, was knowledgeable and personable he really added to the trip and made the time fly. I liked the train better than a bus, more comfort and convenience - only drawback is you're leaving very early. Focus is on history - Ireland, the castle and the famine/migration. I liked Dublin but it was good to get out and see the countryside and Jonathan gave us plenty of stories to keep us entertained and informed. Castle stairs get very narrow as you get higher. Kissing the stone involves holding on as you're upside down. Take a walk around the grounds if you get a nice day. Facilities inside the castle are minimal, bathrooms, snack bar and gift shop. The bus picks you up at a small shopping center down the road from the castle. There's a nice pub there that's a good choice for lunch.

Anmeldt af: ken_v , oktober 2015

5 star, I highly recommend this rail and bus tour combo, the rail portion of our tour was very comfy, hosts were professional, knowledgeable and very personable. Loved the Castle and kissed the stone.

Anmeldt af: Jack P , september 2015

It's a long wait to kiss that Blarney stone but how can you go to Ireland and not do it!! A a great tour

Anmeldt af: Cwatts , september 2015

Loved it!!!

Anmeldt af: Lizabeth C P , juni 2015

Awesome day. Guide Peter was great, train ride was great. Worth the time.

Anmeldt af: MICHAEL D , april 2015

This tour and the guide John were awesome!

Anmeldt af: Brian L , marts 2015

Our guide Brandon was brilliant. He was extremely knowledgeable and kind. The trip was great.

Anmeldt af: mv21134 , november 2014


Anmeldt af: Carl W , oktober 2014

Great fun! The check in location and process were very easy. This was a day trip from Dublin by rail/coach. Brendan was our tour guide and made this trip worth while. He shared Irish history and culture while showing us beautiful, scenic Ireland countrysides. Kissing the Blarney Stone was an experience and learning about the history of the Irish emigration was enlightening...made us want to read more about it! Met folks from different countries and made new friends, too! Excellent trip!

Anmeldt af: Michael E W , juli 2014

Train ride was relaxing travelling through the Irish country. Tour guide for the ride around Cork was personable and informative. The highlight of seeing the Blarney castle was worth the trip. A lot to see in and around the castle. Kissing the Blarney stone was a must do tourist attraction to say been there done that. Lots of history and the grounds were beautiful. Time was just right for the excursion - not rushed but we experienced a lot!

Anmeldt af: Sharee A , juli 2014

This trip was pretty cool. We had just enough time to explore and were given fair direction. Our guide was sweet as pie and very helpful. Took the majority of my pictures on this trip and enjoyed every bit of it. Try the fern garden, poison garden and the deli at the queenstown story!

Anmeldt af: Michael P , juni 2014

Long day, but tour was well organized and well led.