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Anmeldt af: Bob V , juli 2016

Excellent trip! Jonathan was a great guide, very funny and knowledgeable. A great introduction to modern Irish history. The scenery was spectacular!
The Belfast portion was terrific we split between Titanic and Black Taxi tour, and both were more than satisfied.

Anmeldt af: Ronald B , maj 2016

Norman Foster was probably the best tour guide that I encountered. I enjoyed the trip more because of his attention to details. Darren on the Conemarra was also excellent. We did experience fog on the Ring of Kerry segment but everything else went OK. I liked the Noraville B and B in Kellarney but it was not conveniently located to the downtown area costs 6 Euros for taxi. The Kelarney Court Hotel was nearby - good pub.

Anmeldt af: NADINE P , august 2014

genial... beaucoup de choses à voir. personnel très accueillant

Anmeldt af: Anne H , februar 2014

The entire trip from start to finish was professionally done and beautiful. For those considering travelling in the winter months I can tell you it is still worth it. This tour was certainly a highlight of our trip to Ireland. Thank you Rail tours for making it all so easy.

Anmeldt af: Roberta O , oktober 2013

This was a terrific tour of Ireland! The tour guides were incredibly well informed and fun. My favorite part was the Connemara Rail Tour. I tried to put this tour together on my own but I could not match the price. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone traveling alone or in a group.

Anmeldt af: Daniel T , juli 2013

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! From start to finish, we loved this tour! Our Rabbies tour guide, "Wee" Peter Falconer (last name?), was amazing and really made our tour truly special. He was always super entertaining, informative, and helpful. The scenery was spectacular(!), and the tour was run very well.

Anmeldt af: Jennifer C , juli 2013

Great staff, awesome trip, good experience

Anmeldt af: Jayme , juni 2013

Had beautiful weather so scenery was outstanding! Driver/Tour Guide Denis very nice, well versed in local history and tidbits...really funny. Very enjoyable day

Anmeldt af: Patricia R , oktober 2012

Great trip for someone traveling solo and not wanting to do all the driving myself. Well organized. Good traveling and hotel accomodations. You can choose to take these as single day-trips from Dublin or combine them in a multi-day trip which I would recommend as it gives you a chance to spend more time in the smaller towns outside the crowds of Dublin.

Anmeldt af: Jennifer W , september 2011

Met a good friend of mine in Ireland just last week, she is currently backpacking through Scotland and England and needed a break. I told her not to worry about a thing, I’d book everything. I found a site in the US called Viator and started to read their reviews of trips in Ireland and decided to pre-book Railtour’s Grand Atlantic Tour and in addition made a last minute decision to book their trip to Belfast and the Giant’s Causeway. I couldn’t be happier with my trip. Dave was our tour guide the first day and once we departed the train, John became our bus driver. Dave was extremely knowledgeable about all our stops and was more than willing to take photos for us. Michael ended the tour on the first night getting us on the proper train into Killarney. Catherine picked us up at the train station and brought us to our accommodations for the evening. The next morning we boarded a bus for the Ring of Kerry tour. Dennis was the bus driver, he too was very knowledgeable. The third day of our tour had us meeting up with Dave again to do the Cliffs of Moher. Tom was our bus driver on this tour. Our fourth day was suppose to be to Connemara, but the company needed to cancel it due to construction, etc. in that area. In turn we were offered the Aran Island tour at no extra cost. The fifth day of our tour we met up with Branden at Connolly station and boarded the train to Belfast. Allen met us at the pickup sight with his bus and off we went. If you’re going to Ireland you’d be foolish not to take a Railtour tour. The company and their employees, especially those mentioned, will make your trip a memorable one. Thanks to all who assist making our trip a fantastic and memorable experience.

Anmeldt af: Anonym , marts 2010

It was a well organized trip filled with great scenery. The guide was helpful. A conducted excursion is much easier than doing one on our own.

Anmeldt af: Joe D , juli 2016

Great way to see a lot of Ireland over a short period of time.

Anmeldt af: dperrin14 , september 2014

tour was very informative with beautiful scenic routes. the Acara B and B in Kilarney was very nice with wonderful breakfast. The Imperial hotel was nice but bed was too firm, it was located in the heart of Galway. But make sure you have everything when you leave because you won't see it again.

Anmeldt af: MaryAlice F , oktober 2011

I enjoyed the tour very much. the tour guides were all excellent and very helpful. beautiful things to see everywhere. I skipped the last day but had good company on my way back to Dublin. the only complaint that I had was not much help carrying/pulling suitcase. it was large and heavy and for almost $800 I thought there would be more help. one is pretty much on one's own during the whole tour, with lots of getting on/off trains and buses. lovely people on the tour and I did enjoy it very much.

Anmeldt af: Robert Q , USA, marts 2010

We were exhausted after three days of the four day tour, so we returned to Dublin from Galway City. Since this packet was made up by cobbling four one day tours together, with sleepovers and connections (well done), it has the disadvantage of leaving little time free for shopping or private explorations. The sites covered were very worthwhile. For us there was a bit too much in the packet. Drivers and guides were excellent.

Anmeldt af: Maxwell W , New Zealand, marts 2010

It was a great experience, but why do you put older men in charge of the tours and trains? They go through hell to get everything on time at the return train journey.

Anmeldt af: Linda L , september 2014

The tour went smoothly and our guide was effective.. But there was no excitement in the "guiding". The "script" felt "robotic" or impersonal. The fist 2 nights in Kilarney we stayed in a wonderful b and b.. The hotel in Galway was not as nice.. We requested a different room and was lucky to get one.

Anmeldt af: Kim Lun K , juni 2014

Heavy rain for the "Ring of Kerry" trip so not much can be seen. Weather is unstable throughout the trip.

Anmeldt af: Abdullah S , juni 2014

If you want to sit back, let someone else take control and simply enjoy your vacation, this trip is for you. I tried to put together a similar itinerary myself and the cost was coming out for much much more. Admission to all the places you visit, accommodations and breakfast is included. Also, you aren't paying for gas and have a professional driver who is used to driving around the narrow Irish streets.

Our tour guide was really nice and made sure he got to know everyone personally. He was very knowledgeable and had tons of interesting stories to tell about the history of places we passed by. Not only that, you also get to meet interesting people and make friends.

On the flip side, since places are really far from each other, you will be sitting on the bus for hours. If you or on limited time for a vacation you probably want to spend every minute doing something or seeing something. That can be a bit hard to do sitting on the bus for two hours simply being driven from one location to another. Also, the schedule is tight so you wont get to spend too much time at the stops.

Anmeldt af: Ellen F , juli 2013

We really enjoyed the itinerary so no complaints there, and the tour guide was very informative, so no complaints there. What your clients need to understand (and what I didn't realize) is that Viator is merely a broker and arranges your tour with a variety of tour companies. The tour company that managed our booking did a very poor job of providing information. We managed to ask enough questions for clarification so we didn't miss out on a thing, but others weren't as fortunate. Be sure to read your itinerary because they will not "take care" of you. But, I highly recommend the itinerary.

Anmeldt af: Rebecca F , august 2012

The areas we visited were gorgeous and the coaches were quite comfortable. We *loved* our coach driver/guide for the Connemara tour - he really added a lot of interesting information and experiences! Galway and Connemara were my favorite parts of the trip. Ring of Kerry was beautiful but rainy, and the Cliffs of Moher were of course awesome but were crowded. We felt that the first 3 days were lacking in some important details, such as when to get off the coach for a specific accommodation, or where exactly to meet up at the end of a tour. In the case of where to meet up with the rest of the group: the tour guide should probably stand in a single, obvious location as a beacon, since each member doesn't necessarily recognize the other members of the group in a busy setting, but our guide was not always good about staying in obvious locations. The B and B we stayed in at KIllarney was nice but it was cold in our room and the lady who runs the place was obviously annoyed that we were asking for the heat to be turned up every evening. I wouldn't want to stay there again, simply for that reason - you don't want to return from a rainy tour to a cold room where you have to wear your coat indoors. We also wished we had more time at the stops -- it seemed like we had barely enough time to see each stop and maybe go through the gift shop but time was tight and we were often afraid of being left behind.

Anmeldt af: Linda Wilkinson W , juli 2014

A good tour guide can make all the difference on a tour. On this tour the guides ranged from fair to inadequate. Accommodation was good. The organisational skills of the guides varied. One tour guide Margaret we mistook for one of the participants and was clearly out of her depth. On the last day we had a guide to meet us to assist us onto the train to dublin and escort us. She died not appear at the agreed time aT the meeting point and when we saw her in the platform did not assist. This was left to one of the station staff to assist us and other co travellers. We were arriving late at night and are seniors and asked her about taxis which she said she would follow up. We never saw her again.