• Adresse: Cancun, Mexico
  • Varighed: 60 minutter (cirka)
Fra USD 178,99

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Anmeldt af: Samantha G , november 2015

AMAZING! i booked the Dolphine Royal Swim for myself and my mother as its her dream. Then on arrival she paid for us to upgrade to include the sealion and manatee swim. its amazing! the photos you receive are great, the dolphins lifted me right out of the water. You get lots of information and the staff are friendly. there is a VIP open bar, restaurants and pool. there are a number of other pools, hammocks, snorkelling and sun loungers for people. It is a beautiful little island and we loved spending the whole day there.

Anmeldt af: Lianne W , maj 2015

Queue was huge in aquatours get there early! Ferry was good (45 mins) and you get lockers when you get there. We had access to free food and drinks - waiters are very attentive and nice. Dolphin experience was amazing! Pictures are pricey so do your research before you go for the best deal.

Anmeldt af: Adrian R , februar 2015

Excellent. Lots of time in the water with the Dolphins. Great experience. Better to take the earliest time so is not too hot and dolphins are not too tired

Anmeldt af: terkeller , september 2014

This experience was absolutely amazing. We hugely enjoyed the entire experience from the ferry ride to the island and the awesome swim with the dolphins to the all inclusive food and beverages. An amazing day! Would absolutely recommend to anyone.

Anmeldt af: Michael K , januar 2014

Had a wonderful time everyone must go here.

Anmeldt af: Kimberley G , november 2013

The absolute best thing we did on our vacation. I loved every minute of it. The skipped the stingray portion as it would have meant spending an additional two hours for a 15-minute session and it was way too hot that day. It was an experience of a lifetime that the professional photographers captured beautifully; the extra money for the photos and photobook are well worth the money. I can't say enough good things about it.

Anmeldt af: Amber S , november 2012

Great photos taken and time spent with dolphins!

Anmeldt af: Mark C , september 2012

It was an extremely nice adventure ... we enjoyed it alot ..AMAZING!

few things just to mention them (It would have made Our experience much more amazing..!! :)

- round trip transport is not included and IMP you have to call them.. Before!.
- they also have the royal garrafon tour. (others that went had a wonderfull experience there) but we didnt know until we were on the island ... too late!! you might want to check before you leave the island..
- IT IS a WHOLE day tour ... do not expect to go back to hotel before 7pm- 8pm becuase the land transport is only available at 6pm!! there is transport from the island to mainland by boat at 3pm but you end up waiting for the shared van which is available at 6pm!! (they do it on purpose so that you stay on the island and buy more tours!!)

The rest was simply Great .. the 1 hour with the dolphins was unforgettable !!

Anmeldt af: finny , Ireland, august 2012

What an amazing experience! It is a must do once in a lifetime activity. Dolphins were so friendly and the staff are very skilled at what they do! Would highly recommend to anyone!!!

Anmeldt af: ashybaby , april 2012


Anmeldt af: Michael F B , april 2012

It was wonderful with the dolphins and the added suprise was swimming with a shark!!

Anmeldt af: RATHNA KUMAR Y , december 2011

excellent and referred to many friends, will do it again. Kids loved it.

Anmeldt af: Donovan S , november 2011

Great, amazing experience. My only comment would be to include the cost of the ferry in the overall cost of the experience for ease of use. Also I would have English dedicated, which all the switching between languages it ias hard sometimes to understand.

Anmeldt af: Rosanne D , USA, oktober 2011

Worth every penny! If you haven't done this type of trip before, it needs to be added to your bucket list of things to do before you die!

Anmeldt af: Trenetta J , juni 2011

This was an amazing experience! The staff was wonderful. It was easy to get to the ferry by local bus. You spend a good amount of time w/ the dolphins. I have booked several tours through Viator they have all been great!

Anmeldt af: Benjamin L , november 2010

Amazing! Nearly an hour in a group of 8 with great interaction.

Anmeldt af: Christopher C , USA, juni 2010

If you like dolphins, this is an AMAZING experience. In just a short period of time, the trainers train you how to interact with the dolphins, including kisses, hugs, handshakes, dorsal tow, and nose push two dolphins pushing you by the feet as you stand above the water. This is worth every penny.

Anmeldt af: Walid D , United Kingdom, marts 2010

Memorable experience!

Anmeldt af: Rick M , USA, marts 2009

A must do for anyone, especially for kids or teens. My two teens loved it! The photos and video were a bit pricey, but were very high quality. Would definitely do again.

Anmeldt af: Tracy S , USA, marts 2009

I wish there had been more one-on-one time with the dolphins, but overall I was very happy with my experience. It was something I had always wanted to do, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Anmeldt af: Travis K , Canada, marts 2009

This was amazing. Absolutely breathtaking!!!!!

Anmeldt af: Stephanie D , juli 2016

The Dolphins were amazing, the only thing I would say is you are stuck there all day. So plan to go explore the the town.

Anmeldt af: Soraya N , juli 2015

The best experience in Isla Mujeres is by far swimming with the Dolphins! The buffe is very good, swimming with the sharks isnt really special as they are shy and stay at the bottom making very difficult for us to actually see them! I went on the boat included on the tour to the centre of the Island after my swim. You have 1 hr to rent a golf car to get around the Island which, I did but didnt think anything special to see. If staying in the centre all you have is again the usual souveniers shops! Swimming with the Dolphin was trully worth the trip there! They are gentle and strong! Any concerns I had about them living in an enclosed area and being trained for our entertainement were dissipated when I saw how Carlos our Dolphin trainer loved, cared and respected them! I will never forget being kissed, pushed, launched in the air and such close encouter with these amazing creatures!

Anmeldt af: Edmund K , maj 2015

You take turns with about 12 other people petting dolphins, feeling their teeth and taking a few pictures with them. Then you take turns doing a pair of rides with them. It is probably worth the 150 to pet the dolphins and even the extra 62 to pay for the pictures of you with dolphins, but realize that you are not really playing with them or swimming with them. If there are 12 people and you are in the water for about 50 minutes, you are spending roughly four minutes with a dolphin. It seems that the experience is centered around photo ops that will get you to spend an extra 62 and then show your pictures to others that will bring more business. One extra thing: my dolphin experience took place in the smaller pool near the shore. I was told and believe it was the same or better than because I was afforded the opportunity to see the babies up close the experience in the big swimming area, but I can't be sure. One definite benefit of being near the shore was that my girlfriend was able to watch from a nearby balcony the V.I.P. area, which also costs 99.
We ended up staying for a while and trying the free buffets. They were pretty good but not equal with our all-inclusive hotel. There was also a nice area to lay out and look at the sea and some interesting open-faced rooms with chairs to sit in the shade and overlook the ocean. It was 40 for the entire day in addition to the VIP costs but we were leaving in an hour so we didn't do it.
My Royal Swim level also afforded me a swim above nurse sharks. I did this at 3 p.m. and was the only swimmer. The sharks were roughly 15 feet below me and were all huddled in a corner. Perhaps an earlier swim would have allowed me to see them swimming around.
There were boats at 3:30 and 5:30 leaving for Cancun. So after my 10 p.m. Dolphin Swim, we had to find something else to do for a while.

Visited April 2015

Anmeldt af: Natasha R , september 2014

Swimming with the dolphins was amazing! Would recommend to anyone!