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Anmeldt af: Janis A , april 2015

I highly recommend this tour. The guide was phenomenal, lunch, was exceptional, and it was very well organized. I loved every minute!!

Anmeldt af: Gabriel M , marts 2015

Excelent! Fuhet, our guide was very good!

Anmeldt af: Juan Jose G , USA, maj 2010

The tour was great, we wanted to go inside the big pyramid but couldn't get tickets, they get sold out very quickly. Instead, we bought tickets for the smaller pyramid, the tour guide told us it was exactly the same. The tour guide was very nice, she helped us get some really nice pictures. She asked us if we wanted to go to any shops, something we weren't asked before in other tours, I think that was good because we got to spend more time in other places. We really enjoyed the tour, these are places you could go by yourself but if you don't have enough time and don't feel like bargaining this tour is a must.

Anmeldt af: Preston R , november 2008

Note Sign up for the "Giza, Sphinx, Memphis and SAKKARA" tour. Our tour guide was awesome. When she picked us up, she gave us a great history on the pyramids and timeline. She also explained that Sakkara was the oldest pyramid and that we could see Dahshur pyramid from there if we wanted to change our itinerary. It was great being on a private tour with just our family, the guide and driver. I am SOOOO glad we did it this way rather than go on a traditional tour with a busload of people. You get to spend as much time as you want, where you want. Also, you get to go shopping during the tour and our guide was very flexible about lunch which was a plus since we had our 8-year old with us. One note - if you want to ride the horses or camels, have your guide negotiate a good price for you. Also, you can go into the Great Pyramid, but make sure you let the travel agency know when you set up the pick-up time for this tour. The guide needs to get your tickets early it is an extra charge. They only allow 300 people inside the pyramid per day 150 in the morning, 150 in the afternoon. Unfortunately, we didn't know this and missed it - but apparently it is just an empty area anyway.

Anmeldt af: Anonym , oktober 2008

Be prepared for the obligatory shopping stops that eat away some of your time, and the aggressive but not dangerous merchants that are present at all the sites. Great guide and driver. Skip the lunch

Anmeldt af: Anonym , august 2008

This tour was very good. We didn't take the lunch deal because of the cost and we were happy we did not, as a lunch at that price in Cairo would be a total ripoff!

Anmeldt af: Kelly H , United Kingdom, august 2008

Tour guide was great, everything is extremely professional and fantastic!!! Don't recommend going to Dashur though, should have chosen the Sakkara tour instead, but that's nothing to do with the company itself, simply an bad choice of place!

Anmeldt af: karen c , United Kingdom, november 2010

A nice and friendly tour guide and driver. Very informative. Chose good places to visit and fulfilled my dream of riding a camel. The only downside was visiting essence shop.

Anmeldt af: Anonym , United Kingdom, maj 2010

Excellent tour. The tour coordinator and the guide met us at the hotel on time. The van was clean air cond could be improved a bit. Tour guide Ans was great. I just wish you have one tour that combines Memphis, Dahshur and Sakkara, since it's all nearby.

Anmeldt af: Anonym , United Kingdom, april 2010

The sites were amazing, but we felt that the guide could have walked around all of the sites with us and not left us to go round some on our own, after a brief explanation. As we were the only two in the party, it would have been a bonus to have had a personal guide who would answer questions. The lunch, however, was really excellent and one of our best meals in Egypt.

Anmeldt af: Thomas P , USA, marts 2010

This was a very nice tour. My only complaint was that the tour description said "No hidden costs," and there were some costs we weren't prepared for. For example, at the Giza pyramids we were taken to a place where approved camel drivers took us on a ride to a vista point and back. We were just told to get on the camels, as though it were a regular part of the tour. We were not told ahead of time that there would be an extra charge for this. On return, the driver asked for 150! yes, 150 US dollars per person. When we complained that we weren't told of this ahead of time, it was reduced to 200 Egyptian pounds about 40. But still, if this were an optional extra part of the tour, this should have been made clear at the beginning. Other than this the tour guide and driver were very helpful, knowledgeable and accomodating. We sincerely appreciate the excellent work they did.

Anmeldt af: Maryna M , South Africa, november 2009

Thanks for a great tour, and a special thanks and commendation to our tour guide.

Anmeldt af: Denis D , Belgium, november 2008

Really amazing.

Anmeldt af: Rachel H , USA, august 2008

The trip was really good. We were able to walk into the pyramids, ride camels, and we also stopped by a papyrus institute, perfume shop, and carpet school though the guide and driver sometimes made comments that were a bit rude. Beware of the hasslers at the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx who are constantly attempting to put items in your hands or on you by telling you that it's a 'gift' and then demanding money.

Anmeldt af: Michelle R , USA, december 2008

Our guide was horrible!!! He slept over half of the time in the car and would wake up and mumble something about what we where going to see and send us out of the car with a time limit to be back by. He wasn't even going to allow us to get out to see the Sphinx!! He said it was too far of a walk and we could just get pictures from the car. We stood up for what we wanted at that point and said we didn't care about walking since we had hiked Petra, Jordan, for two days and wanted to see the Sphinx. He let us out of the car to see the Sphinx and then came looking for us to rush us out. Our 6-8 hour tour was less than 6 hours, and we didn't even get to see the step pyramid as advertised! How do you make sure you don't get a dud of a guide? I don't know.