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Anmeldt af: Peter K , juli 2016

Great tour!

Anmeldt af: joectatman , september 2015

Excellent tour. Our tour guide was Mohamed Atef Ahmed. He did an excellent job of taking time to explain each location, its history, and asked us what more we wanted to know about each location. He knew the best locations to take pictures and which vendors were good to shop at. When it came time to drop us off at the airport, he went in and found our gate and where we could something to eat. He then even walked us back up to the airport terminal, helping us with our bags. I would highly recommend Mohamed to anyone wanting to see Cairo.

Anmeldt af: Danielle O , juni 2015

Awesome Tour! Our tour guide Ahmed was the best!

Anmeldt af: rmezzara , januar 2015

Excellent tour. Fouad was an excellent guide and was very knowledgeable and answered all questions.

Anmeldt af: Brad F , april 2012

This tour provides an excellent taste of Cairo. The driver was very professional and the tour guide was friendly, knowledgable and seemed genuinely interested in sharing his knowledge of Cairo. I recommend this tour.

Anmeldt af: Andre E , oktober 2011

I had the most wonderful guide, he was asking me the entire time if I am still satisfied, if I want to hear more, if I want to go to the loo, if I'm thirsty, I can defnitely recommend this tour.

Anmeldt af: Thonemann , august 2011

Our overall manager, from South Sinai Travel, was Remon, who was excellent. Our guide was a woman called Hanan, who did a great job. Everything went smoothly from start to finish, and was most enjoyable.

Anmeldt af: Deborah Anne J , februar 2011

Incredible, but mostly because my tour guide was so informative and personable.

Anmeldt af: Tim , United Kingdom, november 2010


Anmeldt af: Anonym , United Kingdom, juli 2010

This was a very informative tour with an excellent guide and a very reliable tour company. Since my time in Cairo was limited, this tour enabled me to gain insights into the history and architecture of old Islamic Cairo. The Cairo tours are really good for those whose time is limited and enable one to see a lot of important sights without wasting time working out public transportation.

Anmeldt af: Audrey-Ann K , South Africa, marts 2010

The mosques were a great start to our holiday in Cairo. They were a BEAUTIFUL sight and there was so much to learn and be inquisitive about. The tour guide was very knowledgeable, flexible and accommodating and we were able to swop a few things to make our days there more enjoyable. We had a lovley driver and they were both ON TIME. Great and efficient pick-up drop-off service.

Anmeldt af: Anonym , South Africa, februar 2010

An excellent trip, highly recommended to take this tour on a Friday as the light traffic means you only have a fraction of the normal traveling time.

Anmeldt af: Anonym , South Africa, december 2009

A very Comprehensive tour, very enjoyable!

Anmeldt af: Richard C , USA, november 2009

Our Egyptian guide was superb. He was cordial and very knowledgeable. We had a great time!

Anmeldt af: Anonym , USA, juni 2009

Great photo ops on this tour! But insist on skipping the shopping.

Anmeldt af: Tricia , USA, marts 2009

Our English speaking guide was great.

Anmeldt af: Vas A , Greece, januar 2009

Visiting Alabaster Mosque and Khan el-Khalili bazaar is a must in Cairo. We also loved our Viator Egyptian guide who was, simply, perfect! Absolutely loved this half-day tour!

Anmeldt af: Cynthia S , USA, december 2008

Awesome having your own guide. Our guide explained the Islamic faith in very easy to understand details and linked it to other faiths. It was extremely interesting. At the Bazaar, he explained what we were to expect and cautioned us on how to be safe and how to negotiate prices. Afterwards, we had tea and sheesha at an outside cafe. He even found some children books for a friend back home. We couldn't have had a better time.

Anmeldt af: Anonym , USA, december 2008

Our guide was flexible and asked us what else we would like to see. Enjoyed this as gave an insight into the Islamic culture and the architecture.

Anmeldt af: Preston R , november 2008

Awesome having your own guide. Our guide was an expert on egyptian and islamic culture, and she was great helping us negotiate at some of the shops. We did all of the "tour" portions first, and then went to the Bazaar which is very much like going to a mexican marketplace - EVERYTHING is negotiated.

Anmeldt af: Wayne G , USA, august 2008

The structures and history were very interesting but the guide's explanation of the fundamentals of the Islamic religion made the tour meaningful and memorable.

Anmeldt af: John R G , juli 2016

The sites visited were of historical and cultural importance, and the guide was accurate and very informative in his descriptions. Much, much better than many previous tour guides on other excursions. He also accommodated very well what I really wanted to see, and did not need to see. I cannot recommend him too highly.

Anmeldt af: Suzy , USA, oktober 2012

Very interesting mosque, and the Sultan Hassan was outstanding. Beautiful sites in a fabulous city.

Anmeldt af: Carol P , maj 2011

A good tour, guide was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Anmeldt af: Michael B , Australia, maj 2010

Not all of Egypt is ancient, though it may still be a thousand years old. Visting more contemporary sites puts things in perspective.