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Anmeldt af: Baptiste B , april 2016

Funny and instructif, this tour is perfect to discover north queensland

Anmeldt af: Curt N , marts 2016

It was a long day but well worth it. My tour only had five people so more about each person. Enjoyed the entire day.

Anmeldt af: Joni L , august 2015

Spectacular countryside. The tour guide very knowledgeable. The lunch was excellent. This was a great tour including the eating of green ants!

Anmeldt af: Jeffrey , Netherlands, maj 2016

It was a great day filling trip. We drove on one of the scenic highways of Australia and the view was amazing. The places where we stopped were also very nice, usually with great views. I also loved the location where we had lunch in the middle of the rainforest. It was also very nice that the chef explained us everything about the food while we were eating and the food was good too. Definately worth going on this tour if you want to see a lot of the beautiful scenary and the rainforests.

Anmeldt af: Fuzz , januar 2016

a great day - a great tour leader - we very lucky enough to see a cassowary dad and three chicks running across the road - apparently this is very rare - this trip is highly recommended

Anmeldt af: Rob A , august 2016

Visited some great places but a very rushed day so didn't get enough time in my opinion to take in what the different places had to offer.