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Anmeldt af: azaghloul , september 2016

Enjoyable time. The tour guide was very friendly and helpful. Good fun.

Anmeldt af: Thomas H , august 2014

Spannende Tour durch das bunte Treiben in den Strassen und Gassen von Chinatown.

Anmeldt af: Paul C , januar 2014

we meet are guide for this trip in a hotel after walking there from are hotel, she was a very good guide. we went by water taxi to the area for chinatown where we visited the golden buddha where we had about half hour to look around then it was off to chinatown down some of the back streets where we saw gifts that where made for family to put with the dead also spice for cooking and general goods, after this we headed to the large flower market have not seen so many flower by type in one place after this we headed back to chinatown for the meal this was different to the usual chinese meal in the uk.she got us a taxi back to are hotel after this. a very enjoyable evening and walk.

Anmeldt af: nurudeen o , december 2013

everything about the tour good and the tour guide is perfect

Anmeldt af: Michelle K , juli 2013

Great fun. A pleasant and informative afternoon/evening. My guide was determined to ensure I got home safely..thanks Joe

Anmeldt af: Dale P , juli 2013

Pam was wonderful!

Anmeldt af: Yummie Cupcake , oktober 2012

Trek to meeting point was a nightmare as taxi driver had no clue. On arrival the heavens opened and by the time I got out of the taxi I was ankle deep in water. However Our guide Dong was simply amazing, once the rain calmed down we stasrted our tour. Loved the street food and local resturant. China town and flower market were buzzing. Definately great tour in my opinion

Anmeldt af: Cathleen C , august 2011


Anmeldt af: PETER K , Australia, august 2011

Great!!! Guide was very knowledgable

Anmeldt af: dilip0701 , Hong Kong, januar 2011

A small group, total four of us including me, my friend, tourist guide & one guest. But it turns out to be a very cozy and friendly gathering and we spent the time together - eating, shopping, etc. etc. It looks like we know each other for long and go to the vacation trip together.

Anmeldt af: Anonym , Hong Kong, februar 2010

This was a really great tour. As it turned out I was the only person booked on the day, which was a bonus. The guide was extremely knowledgeable and friendly and the Cantonese dinner was amazing.

Anmeldt af: Olga V , december 2015

Tour guide was knowledgable but most streets were closed because of king's birthday ,so it was mostly food tour . Which is not agency fault at all but that is a reason I give 4 stars

Anmeldt af: mazzchan , januar 2014

Absolutely fantastic and the tour guide was very helpful. She had wonderful knowledge and could communicate very well. Highly recommended!

Anmeldt af: kemi obembe , United Arab Emirates, oktober 2013

the tour was interesting, if you like to see the less tourist part of bangkok

Anmeldt af: Klaus-Ruediger M , august 2013

Es war sehr interessant und wir konnten viele unvergessliche Eindrücke mitnehmen. Die Führerin war sehr nett aber leider war ihr Englisch nur sehr schwer zu verstehen. Diesist ein unbedingtes MUSS, und man sollte auf die sprachliche Qualifikation unbedingt achten. Dadurch mussten wir bei Erklärungen sehr oft nachfragen bzw. stellten erst gar keine Fragen, obwohl uns manches noch mehr interessiert hatte. Ferner stellten wir vor Ort fest, dass die beiden Touren, die wir gebucht hatten, von verschiedenen Firmen durchgeführt wurden. Auch dies war nicht besonders angenehm, da wir bei der ersten Tour eine wundervollen Guide hatten, mit welchem wir den zweiten Tag auch gerne zusammen verbracht hätten.

Anmeldt af: narrellecoffee , juli 2013

Dinner in Chinatown was different but lovely. I found the flower markets a bit boring, there were a lot of flowers but the variety was limited.

Anmeldt af: KristinaP , december 2012

It's a good tour to get around to areas that aren't necessarily touristy places. Having a local guide to show you the way was great - and she introduced me to new street foods I was unaware of. Alot of walking [not recommended for elderly or people that can't walk / stand for about 5 hours]

Anmeldt af: Deirdre R , september 2012

We had the same guide as the tuk tuk tour, with only three of us this time. Again the English language barrier was a bit of a problem.

This too was a very interesting tour, and when the rain hit in a big way, our guide raced off to the local 7/11 to buy my wife and I plastic raincoats. She refused to let us pay her for them.

Again, a temple or two, one being very impressive with its massive grounds. We walked through some historic market areas, and at nightfall through the flower market. It is just massive, makes the Amsterdam flower market look like a miniature. It is in the form mainly of a street market but goes for many blocks.

We then finished up having a Chinese dinner with our guide. Along with the tuk tuk tour it gave us a very good view of older Bangkok and was well worthwhile.

Anmeldt af: Geoff , Australia, marts 2012

Our guide was very enthusiastic and we had a great time learning about China and it's history.

Anmeldt af: Jeffrey T Chan , Australia, januar 2012

The tour guide was very professional and very friendly. It was a great experience

Anmeldt af: Linda W , august 2011

If going on a Tuk Tuk tour this tour is wasted. A lot of walking involved. Dinner was good where we got to know the "local" cuisine. Tour guide VERY professional and knowledgeable.

Anmeldt af: Phillip C , juni 2011

This tour was well run and very informative.We saw a lot of things tourists would not see on their own. Even though the weather was against us the guide bought ponchos and we had a great time. Recommended.

Anmeldt af: pazambas , november 2012

Not perfectly organized:
1. Started late.
2.The meeting point was neither close to the tour area nor to our hotels ( for the both participants of the tour) and we ended up crossing the traffic of China Town a few times because of that reason.The tour itself was a little boring. We were walking through similar crowded streets in Chinatown. The problem that its hard to find general overview tour in Bangkok city.

The tour was with local nice lady who wanted to tell us a lot about her city. We received valuable new information about Bangkok and its population.

Anmeldt af: Glen F , United Kingdom, marts 2011

In my opinion this tour is more suited to the young and very keen walker. The Temple was excellent, but China town market was repetitive and you walk through so quick you do not actually get time to look at individual stalls if you are interested in buying anything. We actually stopped the tour after China town and caught a taxi back to the hotel. Tour guide Nop was very informative and friendly.

Anmeldt af: Anonym , United Kingdom, februar 2010

Is a little bit of a trek but good fun. itinerary can very depending in group. We also visited Chinese temple, flower market and Chinese coffee shop. Dinner was good too.