Tianmen Mountain

Numbered among the most beautiful mountains on the planet, Tianmen Mountain in Hunan Province is for many the highlight of a visit to Zhangjiajie. The mountain summits at 4,983 feet (1,519 meters), with plenty of spectacular sights to see on the way up, including near vertical cliffs, a winding walkway appropriately named the 99 Bends and a rock arch called Heaven’s Gate.

Most visitors reach the mountain by riding the world’s longest aerial tramway — a 4-mile (7-kilometer) journey that takes about 30 minutes. Once on the mountain, visitors can choose to test their courage on a cliff-hanging walkway or a pair of glass skywalks. A two-person chairlift ferries visitors to the summit of Tianmen Mountain. A tourist bus winds along the 99 Bends to a natural cave in the mountain face.

Practical Info

The temperature at the top of the mountain might be significantly cooler than at the bottom, so be sure to dress in layers.
Adresse: Zhangjiajie, Southern China, Kina
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