Located just 37 miles (60 km) south of Jakarta, the city of Bogor sits at the foot of Mount Salak. The city is known for its unpredictable weather and almost year-round rainfall and generally has a much cooler climate than the often stifling capital city of Jakarta.

Although the city has seen much development over the years, the heart of Bogor remains untouched; right at the center of town, amid the constant stream of traffic, stands the calm oasis that is Bogor’s world-famous Botanical Gardens. Here, visitors will find a tranquil lily pond and paved walkways leading around perfectly-manicured gardens and ancient gnarled trees.

The Botanical Gardens are connected to Bogor Palace, another of the city’s most famous attractions. The palace was built to serve as a country retreat for the Dutch governors in the mid-1700s and was once the residence of Sir Stamford Raffles. This incredibly regal building has distinctive architectural features and a fascinating history that sees a steady stream of visitors flock to it year after year.

Practical Info

It’s easy enough to travel from Jakarta to Bogor—simply hire a driver and prepare to settle back for around an hour or so. (Be aware that heavy traffic on weekends and public holidays can significantly increase journey times along the route from Jakarta to Bognor).
Adresse: Bogor, West Java, Indonesien
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