US Navy Memorial

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The outdoor US Navy Memorial is a circular plaza with a "Granite Sea" map of the world. Two tall, arced buildings encompass the map in the center, the focal point of the Memorial. Fountains with pools, sculpted panels, and long columns embellish the stately Memorial. The eye-catching statue of the Lone Soldier represents every man and woman who has served in the Navy or other sea services. 

Adjacent to the US Navy Memorial is the Naval Heritage Center. A pseudo-museum, it was built to educate the public on the mission and history of the Navy, as well as a look into the life of those who serve in it. In the Center, visitors will find interactive exhibits and a movie theater that screens films about Navy service. There is a Media Resource Center on site, which houses historical text and documents on the Navy, as well as a souvenir shop.
Adresse: Washington DC 20004, USA
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