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Fronting the Potomac River, Georgetown is an evocative neighborhood, combining the most elegant, wedding-cake exterior décor of Washington D.C. with a genuine sense of lived-in bustle. The neighborhood is rich with American Federal and Victorian architecture, their gardens bursting with flowers and their gables dripping with antebellum charm. You’ll find high-end shopping arcades, hushed restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife scene. It’s also the home of Georgetown University, the city’s most prestigious school.

In spring and summer, Georgetown is green and gorgeous, with the trees waving and the laughing co-eds and well-off families. In fall and winter, Georgetown becomes dignified and reserved, her old-school atmosphere enhanced by the change of leaves or flicker of gas lamps on snowy nights.

Spend an afternoon strolling M Street and Wisconsin Avenue, its main thoroughfares, taking detours down side streets at your leisure. The Georgetown Waterfront is a favorite with first-daters, singles, and strolling families. Between K Street and the water south of the C&O Canal, it's home to parkland, shops, lofts and restaurants. If you have time, walk the historic C&O Canal & Towpath, a bucolic cobble path running alongside a green canal, stopping to watch flat-bed barges float by.

Adresse: Washington D.C., USA
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