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A Maze'N Things

A Maze N’ Things is a mini theme park located right on Phillip Island, near Melbourne. It’s the perfect attraction for families waiting to see the Little Penguins at dusk.

A Maze N’ Things is just that—a gigantic maze and a whole lot of things. The main attraction, the maze consists of over two kilometres of passageways with confusing turns, devious twists and frustrating dead ends to entertain the whole family. The maze is truly large, taking visitors and average of 45 minutes to complete.

A Maze N’ Things has plenty of other attractions in addition to the maze itself. A Maxi Mini Golf course—named because this mini golf course has almost 20 holes!—is a challenging way to spend a couple of hours. The site’s rooms of illusions are designed to confuse the mind, complete with people flying, water that flows uphill, a gravity room and the ability to make people disappear. There’s also Puzzle Island, with even more illusions, plus puzzles and challenges.

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