Via Mazzini

Via Mazzini is one of the main streets leading from Verona’s Piazza Bra, on one side of the Roman amphitheater, part of which was an ancient Roman street.

Giuseppe Mazzini was a 19th-century Italian politician active in the fight for Italian unification, and as such has many streets in Italy named after him. In Verona, Via Mazzini runs between Piazza Bra and Via Capello, at which it comes to a T not far from the Piazza delle Erbe.

A portion of the modern street follows the ancient Roman road here, one of the city’s “decumanus” streets - roads that ran east-west. Another part was created in the 15th century when some buildings were demolished to extend the road.

Today, Via Mazzini is one of Verona’s main shopping streets, with many Italian and international shops lining both sides of the road. The outlet on Piazza Bra is very close to the Roman amphitheater. At the opposite end of the street, along the Via Cappello, the Piazza delle Erbe is in one direction and the Casa di Giulietta is in the other.

Practical Info

One street away from the Via Mazzini, on the corner of Via Scala and Vicolo Scala, is the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Scala, a church in which the exterior dates from the early 14th century.
Adresse: Via Giuseppe Mazzini, Verona, Veneto, Italien
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