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Grand Canal

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The Grand Canal is the main street of Venice. Lined with beautiful, if aging, palazzo, you can hop aboard a gondola and imagine a time when these boats were ...  Mere info

Doge's Palace

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Until 1797, the Doges ruled the Venetian Empire and the Palazzo Ducale was where they ruled from. It was one of the first things those arriving in Venice saw ...  Mere info

St Mark's Basilica (Basilica of San Marco)

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Basilica di San Marco (St Mark's Cathedral) is magnificent. It is both a wonderful architectural flurry of Gothic, Byzantine, Romanesque and Renaissance ...  Mere info

St Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco)

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St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco) is filled with centuries of history and is still the symbolic heart of Venice; it has even been referred to as the ...  Mere info

Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto)

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Rialto Bridge or Ponte di Rialto was the city's first bridge over the Grand Canal. Connecting the highest points on the lagoon islands settlement, the first ...  Mere info


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Extending into the northeastern Italy, the Dolomites are a section of the Alps mountain range, which stretches from Austria in the east to France in the west. ...  Mere info

Frari Church (Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari)

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From the outside, the brick Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari (the Frari Church) looks rather plain. But step inside and you are surrounded by some of the ...  Mere info

Rialto Fish Market (Mercato di Rialto)

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Venice is a city of many traditions, and one of the oldest is the way residents get groceries. The Rialto markets have been serving the population of Venice ...  Mere info

Church of San Vidal

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A short walk from the banks of the Grand Canal, the elegant Church of San Vidal is one of Venice’s lesser-visited churches, now best known as a concert venue. ...  Mere info

Lake Misurina

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Just over 106 miles north of Venice, high up in the Dolomites, sits a large natural lake that contributed to Olympic speed skating history. With its handful ...  Mere info

Venice Lido (Lido di Venezia)

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Approximately 20,000 people call this 11-kilometer stretch of sand stationed off the coast of northern Italy home. But despite the sandbar’s small size, it ...  Mere info


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Cannaregio is the northernmost of the six districts of central Venice. It is also the largest and most populated of all the districts. This district is home ...  Mere info

Brenta Riviera

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An ancient waterway connecting the Italian cities of Padua and Venice, the channel of the Brenta Riviera dates back to the 16th century and was built to flow ...  Mere info


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Venice is one of Italy’s most iconic destinations—and as a result, it’s also one of the country’s most crowded. But travelers in the know say Dorsoduro, one ...  Mere info

Museo del Merletto (Lace Museum)

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The island of Murano in the Venetian lagoon is famous for its glass-making, but nearby Burano has its own crafty claim to fame - lace-making. The ancient ...  Mere info