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Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

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As you walk gingerly out on to the world's longest (140m/460ft) and highest (70m/230ft) suspension bridge, swaying gently over the roiling waters of tree-lined Capilano Canyon, remember that the thick steel cables you are gripping are safely embedded in huge concrete blocks on either side. That should steady your feet - unless the teenagers are stamping across to scare the oldsters...

The region's most popular attraction - hence the summertime crowds and relentless tour buses - the grounds here also include rainforest walks, totem poles, and a swinging network of smaller bridges strung between the trees, called Treetops Adventure. This series of open-ended suspension bridges link eight towering Douglass fir trees. At heights of up to 25m/80ft above the forest floor, the bridges have viewing platforms where Capilano’s naturalist hold court on the area’s ecological attributes.

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Vancouvers nordkyst - endagstur inklusive Capilano-hængebroen og Grouse Mountain

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Oplev Vancouvers smukke omgivelser på denne guidede tur på 5 eller 6,5 timer langs nordkysten ("North Shore"). Efter at have krydset ...  Mere info

  • Stedangivelse: Vancouver, Canada
  • Varighed: 6 timer 30 minutter
  • Sprog: Engelsk
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