Zaisan Memorial

This iconic landmark known as the Zaisan Memorial was built by the Russians to honor unknown soviet soldiers killed in World War II. At the top of a long stretch of 300 stairs, visitors will find bold and colorful paintings depicting the connection between Mongolia and the USSR. Images span the time between Mongolia’s independence and the victory over Nazis.

While the brightly colored paintings are a part of what drives tourists outside the city and up some serious flights of stairs, it’s the epic panoramic views of Ulaanbaatar that make Zaisan Memorial truly worth the trip. Visitors will also find an old tank memorial located at the bottom of the hill, which includes a map of the tank’s travel from Mongolia to Moscow.

Practical Info

Zaisan Memorial is free to enter and open 24-hours daily. It is located just beyond the southern city limits and can be seen from much of downtown Ulaanbaatar. It is possible to access the memorial by public transit using the number 7 bus from Bayangol Hotel or Baga Toir.
Adresse: Ulaanbaatar, Mongoliet
Åbningstider: 24/7
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