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Jagdish Temple

Built in 1651 by Maharana Jagat Singh, Jagdish Temple is the largest and one of the most famous temples in Udaipur. The three-story structure, dedicated to the God Vishnu, enshrines a black stone statue of Jagannath, an avatar of Vishnu. The intricately carved facade depicts scenes of Vishnu and his most famous aspect Krishna on it's pyramid-like bell roof. Inside, you'll find four smaller shrines dedicated to Shiva, Ganesh, Durga and Surya, along with 100 pillars carved with detailed scenes.

While the temple complex itself doesn't take long to walk around, the carving and collection of artwork inside are worth taking your time to enjoy. Jagdish Temple is located a short walk north from the entrance of the Udaipur City Palace, making it convenient to combine the two attractions into a single outing. The area doesn't have a major problem with touts, but beware of individuals offering to guide you around the temple, as they'll try to charge you later.

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