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NYC Suggested Itineraries

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Day 1: Get Oriented A CityPass will help you to gain entry into a number of 'must-see' monuments and museums, all while skipping the line. Alternatively, take a hop-on hop-off bus tour and roam the ...  Mere info

1 Day in New York City

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Only have one day to explore Manhattan? It may seem daunting but with a few tips and access to some wheels you're in good shape to cover quite a bit of ground. Choose a full-day bus tour or a hop-on ...  Mere info

3 Days in Chicago

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The Chicago CityPass gives you discounted admission to five of the city's premier attractions: Hancock Observatory, Field Museum, Museum of Science & Industry, Adler Planetarium and Shedd Aquarium. ...  Mere info

3 Days on Oahu

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For many visitors, Oahu is Hawaii. Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Honolulu – all those names we instantly associate with Hawaii are on Oahu. World War Two history is tangibly linked to Oahu and the events ...  Mere info

3 Days in Las Vegas

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Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! Let the sparkling glitz of the casinos and shows entice you to lose yourself in the wild neon nightlife, and unleash your inner cowboy/girl on the Grand Canyon. ...  Mere info

3 Days in San Francisco

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A lot is said about San Francisco, both by visitors and locals alike. Foreigners often dub it "the most European" city in America. W.H. Taft called it "the city that knows how," and ...  Mere info

Maui Day Trips from Oahu

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Thirty minutes and 80 miles—that’s all that separates big city Oahu from the tranquil simplicity of Maui, where waterfalls splash down the verdant slopes of a towering, dormant volcano. Luckily for ...  Mere info

3 Days in Austin: Suggested Itineraries

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The best thing to do when touching down in a city is to come to know it and make it your own. To do this in Austin, consider familiarizing yourself with its essential parts. Head on over to South ...  Mere info

Chicago Architecture Guide

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Chicago is famous for its Art Deco and skyscraper architecture, so taking a tour of the Windy City's architectural highs and lows is a great way to get to know the Windy City. The city has fostered ...  Mere info

Mexico tours from San Diego

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San Diego, sits on the borderline of California and the Mexican city of Tijuana. This bustling Mexican city has a whirlwind of great food, music and culture. Rosarito Beach takes a relaxing spin ...  Mere info

New York Hip Hop Tours - New York Recommendations

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Hip Hop is the sound which emerged from the Bronx in the late 1970s has grown in just over three decades to become a multi-billion dollar force which hasn’t forgotten its roots in the streets.  ...  Mere info

Top Beaches in Miami

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For those who want a beach getaway, Miami is a top destination option. Home to more than 15 beaches, you’ll have plenty of options for where to soak in some sun. That being said, with so many ...  Mere info

St. Augustine Tours from Orlando

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Site of the longest continuously inhabited European settlement on American soil, the historic Spanish outpost of Saint Augustine was established in 1565 and is located only a short two-hour drive ...  Mere info

Grand Canyon-tur

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Få den bedste udsigt over Grand Canyon og bliv bjergtaget af dens dybde og pragt på én af mange helikopter- og sightseeingture, der afgår med bus fra Las Vegas. Vælg fra et ...  Mere info

Interisland Tours from Maui

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Staying on Maui but want to explore the other Hawaiian islands? No problem! It's easy to travel from Maui to, say, Oahu and visit Pearl Harbor and Waikiki. Great for passengers of all ages, you'll ...  Mere info