Toronto Zoo

The Toronto zoo is the premier attraction in Toronto for animal lovers, featuring over 5,000 animals and 10 km of walking trails.

The newest attraction to the zoo is the Xie Shou Giant Panda experience where you can meet pandas Er Shun and Da Mao, shipped from China. Other exciting attractions include the 10-acre Tundra Trek which includes a five-acre Polar bear habitat and underwater viewing area; the African Penguin exhibit; the Gorilla Rainforest; and the Great Barrier Reef, a replica filled with many species of fish native to Australasia.

There are plenty of interactive exhibits for kids, such as the Kids Discovery Zone, which includes an interactive Kids Zoo, Splash Island and animal/bird shows at the Waferside Theatre.
Adresse: 361A Old Finch Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada
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