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Casa Loma

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Literally the “House on a Hill,” Casa Loma - a mock medieval castle with Elizabethan-style chimneys, Rhineland turrets, secret passageways, and an underground tunnel - towers above midtown Toronto on a cliff. A walk through the sumptuous interior of this eccentric 98-room mansion is a trip back in time.

Inside, you can wander through the majestic Great Hall, marveling at its 59 foot (18 meter) high hammer-beam ceiling, while in the Oak Room the stately paneling took three years for artisans to create. Elegant bronze doors open up into the Conservatory, which is lit by an Italian chandelier with electrical bunches of grapes. Rugs feature the same patterns as those at Windsor castle. The original kitchen had ovens big enough to cook an ox, and secret panels and tunnels abound. The stables were used by the Canadian government for secret WWII research into anti-U-boat technology.

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Stig på-/stig af-byrundtur i Genova

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Oplev seværdigheder, stemning og historie i multikulturelle Toronto i dit eget tempo. Din billet til stig-på-stig-af-turen i Toronto City giver dig ...  Mere info

  • Stedangivelse: Toronto, Canada
  • Varighed: Fleksibel
  • Sprog: Engelsk
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