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Keukenhof Gardens

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Covering some 79 acres (32 hectares), the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens is the world’s largest flower garden. Come springtime, the meandering, wooded gardens are visited by some 800,000 flower-lovers, who ...  Mere info


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Situated between Rotterdam and The Hague, Delft is a traditional small town with wonderful landmarks, such as the 19th century renovated Stadhuis (Town Hall) or the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church), where ...  Mere info


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Madurodam, since it was developed about 60 years, ago is one of Holland’s most popular travel destinations. Famously a mini-city on a 1:25 scale, this thoughtful and amusing destination highlights ...  Mere info

Peace Palace

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One of the Netherlands’ most famous buildings and the crowning glory of The Hague, the Peace Palace, or Vredespaleis, serves as a symbol of the country’s key role in international law and order. ...  Mere info

Binnenhof & Ridderzaal

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The Hague’s Binnenhof (or Inner Court) complex is not only an important political hub – housing the official offices and meeting rooms of the Dutch Parliament and Prime Minister – but one of the ...  Mere info