Las Vistas Beach (Playa de las Vistas)

Many of the beaches beckon on Tenerife, but there’s a reason the wide stretch of golden sand at Las Vistas is one of the island’s most popular. With a range of facilities and bright blue umbrellas and lounge chairs, there is something for everybody. The waters just off the beach divide into two bays, which are particularly calm and good for swimming. There are also lots of bars, restaurants, and shopping options both on the beach and just nearby.

Water sports, beach volleyball, and other leisure activities are also popular here. The beach is well known, so it can be busy with other travelers particularly during the summer months. Because of its accessibility and relative safety, the beach is a good choice for those traveling with families. Those seeking more adventurous activities can choose from boating and scuba diving in the waters off the coast, which often launch from the beach.

Practical Info

Las Vistas is located on the southwestern tip of the island, just beside Los Cristianos. It is easily accessible by car from most points on Tenerife. Toilets, showers, lifeguards, and changing rooms can all be found on site. You can also catch a ferry or a beach taxi from the beach to other parts of the island from here.
Adresse: Playa de las Vistas, Tenerife, Spain, Spanien
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Oplev Scuba Diving, Playa de las Americas

Splash i det klare atlanterhavsvande omkring Tenerife på et indledende dykker. Få et overblik over udstyr og grundlæggende færdigheder enten i en pool eller på en lavvandet strand (afhængigt af erfaring) og nyd individuel opmærksomhed med en elev-til-instruktør ratio på 2: 1. Så test dine nye færdigheder med et dykke fra stranden eller fra en båd. Med din instruktør ved din side får du et nært perspektiv på fantastiske marine liv og undervands vulkanske formationer.
  • Varighed: 2 timer 30 minutter
  • Udbydes på: engelsk
82,86 $ USD
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  • Varighed: 2 timer 30 minutter
  • Udbydes på: engelsk
82,86 $ USD

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