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Dead Sea Tours from Tel Aviv

Af Viator, February 2018

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The Dead Sea is the second saltiest major body of water on earth, and it is this hyper-salinity, which causes swimmers to be super-buoyant within it, that makes it one of Israel’s major attractions.

The Dead Sea lies 1,312 feet below sea level and is located about 98 km from Tel Aviv. It is fed by the River Jordan and has no outlets streams, causing its high salinity, which is too extreme for marine life and gives it its morbid name.

So what’s there to do in such a salty calm and lifeless body of water? Well, it’s nearly impossible to sink in the Dead Sea, so a popular activity is to have your picture taken while floating on the surface of the water and reading a book. It is also a great place to give yourself a mud bath, as the Dead Sea is one of the world’s richest sources of natural salts. There are plenty of beaches to choose from.

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