Greek Theatre (Teatro Greco)

The Sicilian town of Taormina has long been known as a popular beach resort destination, but it’s more than sparkling water and long stretches of sand that draw visitors. Taormina is also home to a spectacular ancient ruin - the Greek Theatre.

Despite its name, the Greek Theatre - or Teatro Greco in Italian - is actually an ancient Roman structure. The design is more akin to how the ancient Greeks designed their theaters, so it is believed the Roman theater was built over an existing Greek theater. The ruins you see today date primarily from the 2nd century A.D., although the theater was started in the 7th century B.C.E.

Taormina’s Greek Theatre sits high above the town’s famous beaches, so visitors who climb uphill to see the ruin are rewarded with more than just an up close look at an ancient monument - the views can be fantastic. From the theater, you can see the town of Taormina, the beaches far below, and the Mt. Etna volcano. It’s one of the best views in Sicily.

The Teatro Greco may not be fully intact anymore, but it’s still used for performances on a regular basis - especially during the summer months. Check with the tourist information office when you arrive to see what’s going on at the theater during your stay - you could see a film, play, or concert up there, with the backdrop of the Mediterranean beyond.
Adresse: Teatro Greco, Taormina, Sicily, Italien
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