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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

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If you want to scream your lungs out on a steel roller coaster, only to get off and come face to face with a giraffe, Busch Gardens is probably the place for you. An exciting and surprising hybrid between a zoo and a theme park, Busch Gardens perfectly blends the serene beauty of the wild with the thrilling excitement of amusement park rides. Half of the Gardens offers the attractions of an African safari, where one can see over 3,000 different animals spread out over the park's 335 acre (136 hectare) grounds. Animal attractions range from a bird observatory to a tug-of-war competition with a tiger. Just as diverse as the animal selection are the ride choices, which include huge roller coasters, a white water rapids ride, and a zip line, among many other options. There are also countless other shows, restaurants, and attractions sprinkled throughout the park, making it the perfect place for the entire family to enjoy a day of fun.

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