Danshui (Tamsui)

During the nineteenth century, the seaside village of Danshui was Northern Taiwan’s busiest shipping and commerce port. Today, it’s known for its European architecture, delicious seafood and stunning sunsets.

The Danshui area was settled by the Spanish in 1629 and the Dutch in 1641, and one of the most impressive remnants of Danshui’s colonial days is the Hongmao Castle, also called Fort San Domingo. The structure briefly served as the British Consulate before being returned to Taiwan in 1980.

After you’ve visited the castle, spend the rest of your time in Danshui wandering through the waterfront area and Old Street. It is here you’ll find a majority of the city’s famous seafood restaurants and traditional handicraft shops. Try the fish ball soup, it’s a specialty of the town. As the sun sets, head down to Fisherman’s Wharf to watch with views of Lover’s Bridge, the large pedestrian bridge that spans the harbor.
Adresse: Taiwan
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