Xiahai Chenghuang Temple

Taipei’s Xiahai Chenghuang Temple, also called the City God Temple, houses the largest concentration of deity statues of any temple in the country. Though the temple is dedicated to Chenghuang, the protector of cities, young single locals come here to visit another deity, that of the Chinese version of Cupid, to pray for a marriage partner.

As one of the busiest temples in Taipei, Xiahai Chenghuang Temple attracts more than just lovesick youth. You’ll see students leaving pink paper offerings on the alter in hopes of divine intervention on their exams and older citizens paying their respects to Chenghuang himself to help tip the balance of their good and evil deeds for a more favorable outcome in the afterlife.

Visiting the temple offers a fascinating look at how religion plays out in Taiwanese day-to-day life. The Xiahai Chenghuang Temple is particularly interesting for its blend of Daoist beliefs and practices with local Taiwanese folk religion.

Photo courtesy of Taiwan Tourism Bureau
Adresse: No. 61, Sec. 1, Dihua St, Taipei, Taiwan
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