Tucheng Tung Blossom Trail

Tung trees, characterized by their clusters of white blossoms that emerge in late spring, were once widely cultivated by the Hakka ethnic group throughout Taiwan. The blossom has become a cultural symbol of the Hakka, and each spring, people from around the country come to see the beautiful trees in bloom along the Tucheng Tung Blossom Trail

Near the trail’s halfway point, you’ll find Tung Blossom Park, an open performance space and recreational where you can stop to admire the blossoms. At night, the space lights up as hundreds of fireflies take to the air.

Each year at the end of April through early May, the Tucheng Tung Blossom Trail and Tung Blossom Park serve as sites for the Hakka Tung Blossom Festival. With a full lineup of music, dance performances and cultural exhibitions, the festival is a great time to visit and learn about the culture of the Hakka people when the Tung trees are at their best.
Adresse: Taiwan
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