Dihua Street

After you’ve seen the Taipei 101 and shopped the city’s mega malls, get a sense of what Taipei was like decades ago with a visit to Dihua Street. The street that once served as Taipei’s major commercial center during the late Qing Dynasty still caters to more traditional tastes.

You won’t find any souvenirs or trinkets here, but you will see a wide range of traditional Chinese goods, like tea, medicinal herbs, dried mushrooms and seafood, beans, rice and sweets, and many locals coming to shop. Dihua Street gets particularly busy in the days leading up to Chinese New Year when families come to stock up on traditional holiday foods. During this time, the street becomes a solid wall of people haggling for their ingredients.

If you’d like to sample some traditional Taiwanese foods, Dihua Street might be a good option. Most of the shopkeepers don’t speak English, but they’ll happily let you sample their products. You can always select dishes by looking around at what those around you are eating and simply point.
Adresse: Taiwan
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