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Jenolan Caves

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A trip to the Jenolan Caves is a must for anyone who enjoys cave walks. Located within the Blue Mountains, these limestone formations are said to be some of the oldest open caves in the world. There are many different caves to explore as well as nature walks around the area. You can choose from several different routes through the extensive cave system (about 40 km/25 miles worth of passages) according to your level of fitness which is clearly explained before you go on a tour. Due to the uneven surfaces within the caves, it's not recommended for people with injuries or small children.

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Heldagstur til Blue Mountains og Jenolan-hulerne i bus

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Nyd en tur igennem de sceniske Blue Mountains, og få lejlighed til at beundre Jenolan Caves' underfundige skønhed på en heldagstur fra Sydney. ...  Mere info

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Australia Multi-City Attractions Pass

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Udforsk de bedste sider af Australien med et Australia Multi-City Attractions Pass. Se mere, og spar op til 50 % på entré til Australiens mest ...  Mere info

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