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Coral World Ocean Park

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Located in beautiful St. Thomas, Coral World is considered the best family attraction in the US Virgin Islands. Much of this integrated marine park displays the true habitat of its subjects, with both indoor and outdoor observation facilities meant to exemplify the diverse and plentiful nature of the area’s aquatic species.

One of the park’s most drawing qualities is the interactive aspect of the attraction. Feed the sharks, turtles and string-rays; come face-to-face with iguanas and pet baby sharks; or go take a visit to Oscar the Sea Lion, who has regular performances in front of live crowds.

Some of the park’s other major attractions include (and are certainly not limited to) its 50,000 gallon Deep Reef Tank, sporting some of the mother nature’s deadliest carnivore’s, including moray eels, tarpon and plenty of sharks. Also be sure to check out the Marine Gardens, complete with 21 aquariums exhibiting wonderful and exciting water-life such as seahorses.

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