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Archaeological Museum (Arheoloski Muzej)

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A 10-minute walk north of Split's historic downtown is Croatia's oldest museum, which was founded in 1820.

The incentive for the establishment of the museum was provided by the visit of Emperor Francis I to Dalmatia in 1818, which also included visits to Split and Solin (formerly Salona). The original museum building was erected in 1821 next to the eastern walls of Diocletian's Palace, but soon became too small to house the growing number of monuments.

The Archaeological Museum is a repository for artifacts -- jewelry, coins and pottery -- mostly unearthed at Salona in the hills above Split. The collection includes many religious objects used by the people who fled to the palace from Salona during the Avar-Slav invasion in the 7th century. It also displays heavier stone objects such as sarcophagi outdoors.

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