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Sorrento Cruise Port

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Sorrento perches high on the clifftops and is best known for its shopping, its proximity to the gorgeous Amalfi Coast and also to Pompeii. Sorrento itself has a lovely old town to explore complete ...  Mere info

Piazza Tasso

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Sitting astride the gorge that once divided cliff-clinging Sorrento in two, you’ll find Piazza Tasso, the central living room of the town. Piazza Tasso is where the locals come to see and be seen, ...  Mere info


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Ravello is a tiny village, with only about 2,500 permanent residents, but it has a history and cultural life that belie its size. The Romans founded the city in the 6th century, escaping the ...  Mere info

Mt. Vesuvius

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Mount Vesuvius looms across the bay from Naples, 5.6 mi (9 kms) away from the city. It is the only mainland European volcano to have erupted in the last hundred years although it is currently ...  Mere info

Basilica di Sant’Antonino

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The patron saint of Sorrento is Sant’Antonino, so it’s not surprising that there is a large church in his honour found on the square which also bears his name, Piazza Antonino. He died in AD 626 on ...  Mere info

Baths of the Queen Giovanna (Bagni della Regina Giovanna)

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Sorrento is known for its coastal views, scenic landscapes and beautiful beaches. But perhaps none are more iconic—or remote—than Bagni della Regina Giovanna (AKA The Baths of Queen Joan). Tucked ...  Mere info

Cloister of San Francesco (Chiostro di San Francesco)

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Sorrento’s Cloister of San Francesco is an oasis of tranquility steps away from the historic town’s bustling central piazza of Sant’Antonino. The cloister unites a religious complex of ...  Mere info

Emerald Grotto (Grotta dello Smeraldo)

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The Emerald Grotto on the beautiful Amalfi coast lies south-east of Sorrento along a wondrously dramatic coastal road that swoops up cliffs and dives around switchback roads with typical Italian ...  Mere info


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Clinging to the cliffs and gullys of this magnificent coastline, Positano is the Amalfi Coast’s number one tourist destination. With its beautiful bay and lovely beaches, Spaggia Grande and ...  Mere info


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A tiny seaside gem which hides between the busier Positano and Amalfi, Praiano has managed to cling on to its character of fishing village. Life is slower than in the larger towns and thus the cafes ...  Mere info