Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, is one of the most charming cities in all of Europe, and is filled with museums, theatre, historic sites, and many other attractions. 

Arguably the best part of town to spend a day in, Ljubljana's Old Town is filled with churches and buildings dating all the way back to medieval times. The old world charm continues in Ljubljana Castle, whose tower provides a magnificent view of the city.

At the city center lies Prešeren Square, which features the famous statue of Slovene national poet France Prešeren. Right off of the square is Cop Street, one of the main shopping streets in the city. 

For history buffs, the Square of the Republic and the Roman ruins are a must, as well as the turn of the century Dragon Bridge. Subculture thrives in Metelkova, a section of the city autonomously declared as an alternative gathering place for artists and other youths, and is replete with bars and nightlife. 

For the young at heart, take in the Ljubljana Zoo and the Water City of Atlantis Water Park, as well as Tivoli Park. Museums of all kinds are the main attractions of the city, including the Architecture Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the National Gallery, the National Museum, the Slovenian Museum of Natural History, and many more. 

Practical Info

The Brnik Airport is located about 30 km north of Ljubljana, and regular buses run into the city center, as well as a full taxi service. The train and bus stations are located at Trg Osvobodilne Fronte, and are just a quick walk from most tourist attractions. Being the center of the country's rail service, it is possible to get just about anywhere in Slovenia by train. There is also extensive international service. 

As for getting around Ljubljana, it is a small enough city that getting around the center on foot is easy and pleasant. You can bike or take the public bus system, though be aware that you are required to buy an Urbana card in order to ride, which are available at tourist information centers, newspaper agents, and LPP sale sites. 

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